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    My Boy's List... Opinions needed!!!

    Hello everyone. I would love some help sorting through these boys names. Feel free to let me know what you think. I'm down for constructive criticism but no rude comments please!!

    Fleet- love the ship imagery and how it sounds with Pilot and Dexter. Hate that it's associated with an enema.
    Ludo- love everything about this name (especially the Labyrinth character), I can't settle on it but I also have a hard time getting rid of it.
    Omri- like the sound of this name but it's probably the last on my list
    Revel- Another name I can't seem to get rid of. Love the meaning and how it sounds with my boys.
    Vox- This is my favorite of the bunch. For those of you wondering this means "voice" in Latin. Which has a huge meaning to my family and I. My only concern is Dex and Vox. Dexter goes by Dexter the majority of the time. Pilot is the only person that calls him Dex. But I'm worried that when he's older he'll want to go by Dex. WDYT of this? Big deal or no?

    Grimm- This is my hubby's late grandmother's maiden name. If you see it, it's not because I just like Brothers Grimm but it's to honor her.
    Venture- My favorite middle.

    combos I'm dreaming of...

    Fleet Oswald
    Fleet Venture
    Ludo Fleet
    Ludo Grimm
    Ludo Venture
    Ludo Vox
    Omri Grimm
    Omri Venture
    Revel Grimm
    Revel Vox
    Vox Venture - my favorite.

    So.... WDYT?
    Mommy to Pilot David Patrick (7), Dexter Audio (6) and Happy Cordelia (2)

    If I could have another... Aziza/ Boheme/ Sequoia/ Sojourn/ Thistle/ Vim
    Forth/ Indio/ Rove/ Venture/ Vox

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