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    My Boy's List... Opinions needed!!!

    Hello everyone. I would love some help sorting through these boys names. Feel free to let me know what you think. I'm down for constructive criticism but no rude comments please!!

    Fleet- love the ship imagery and how it sounds with Pilot and Dexter. Hate that it's associated with an enema.
    Ludo- love everything about this name (especially the Labyrinth character), I can't settle on it but I also have a hard time getting rid of it.
    Omri- like the sound of this name but it's probably the last on my list
    Revel- Another name I can't seem to get rid of. Love the meaning and how it sounds with my boys.
    Vox- This is my favorite of the bunch. For those of you wondering this means "voice" in Latin. Which has a huge meaning to my family and I. My only concern is Dex and Vox. Dexter goes by Dexter the majority of the time. Pilot is the only person that calls him Dex. But I'm worried that when he's older he'll want to go by Dex. WDYT of this? Big deal or no?

    Grimm- This is my hubby's late grandmother's maiden name. If you see it, it's not because I just like Brothers Grimm but it's to honor her.
    Venture- My favorite middle.

    combos I'm dreaming of...

    Fleet Oswald
    Fleet Venture
    Ludo Fleet
    Ludo Grimm
    Ludo Venture
    Ludo Vox
    Omri Grimm
    Omri Venture
    Revel Grimm
    Revel Vox
    Vox Venture - my favorite.

    So.... WDYT?
    Mommy to Pilot David Patrick (7), Dexter Audio (6) and Happy Cordelia (2)

    If I could have another... Aziza/ Boheme/ Sequoia/ Sojourn/ Thistle/ Vim
    Forth/ Indio/ Rove/ Venture/ Vox

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    First of all, I absolutely love your naming style! It's given me some ideas and encouraged me to be a little more ballsy next time. So, I'll try to help...

    Fleet - I like the sound of this, but I can't get the image of a fleet of warships out of my head so it's not my favorite from your list but it would sound great with Pilot.

    Ludo - I've always loved this name, we had a dog named Ludo a few years ago. It would be awesome to meet a real little kid with this name, but I would be prepared for people knowing what the name comes from. Anybody that knows the movie well will make the connection instantly. Have you considered Jareth?

    Omri - I like this one too, really cool and modern sound.

    Revel - I love this one, especially with brothers Pilot and Dexter. The nn Rev is awesome! It's masculine and unusual, just like your son's names.

    Vox - How cool is this? Fits right in with the new X craze, has a cool meaning... Love it. I don't think Vox and Dex are too close, especially if he goes by Dexter mostly.

    Combos I love...

    Vox Venture (Awesome!)
    Revel Vox
    Omri Venture
    Revel Venture (too cool for words)

    Do you have any others you were considering? Just out of curiosity, I might have to steal some of them!
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    Trying for #2 in January 2014.

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    Some lovely names here!

    I've got to say, the maritime / space geek in me *adores* Fleet. Even though it's not traditionally used as a name, it sounds like a name. Other names in that vein worth considering: Navy, Hatch, Anchor, Bailer, Compass, Barque/Bark, Wherry.

    Ludo is also great! I've only heard it as a shortened form for the named Ludovic. How do you feel about that? It's the name of a character in a film called Ma Vie en Rose/My Life in Pink done in Belgium. The main character, whose a transgender girl, her birth name was Ludo, so something to think about it. I doubt anyone would ever make the association, though? I was just obssessed with the movie for a period of my life. It's a very strong, handsome, classic name, especially the full. Between Ludo and Fleet, Ludo is definitely safer

    I like Revel. Also Revelry. It does sound like a lot, though? Like, it's meaning is much more straightforward and less open to interpretation than the name of one of your other sons, Pilot, and even more so than Fleet, too? It also matches too much with the idea of boyhood and childhood? Sounds like the name of a rock star, too. Revel Vox! I would assume it was a stage name were I ever to see it, so that's cool.

    Omri is sweet and lovely, but if it's the lowest on your list, might as well say good bye to it? I love it. It's a beautiful sounding name.

    Vox is cool, though for some reason it strikes me as feminine! I have no valid reasons for that; I just imagine a funky, artsy girl named Vox. The other Latin/Greek short "x" names strike me the same way, but are worth thinking about: Nyx, Nox.

    I don't think Dex and Vox is something you really have to worry about at all. No big deal.

    Grimm is an awesome middle name. I think it would work as a first, too.

    Fleet Oswald, I like it, but it's a tad hard to say because of the way the consonants and the emphases line up. My favourite combo is Ludo Fleet.

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    I love the imaginative post-modern quality of these names.......

    Fleet: I'd put aside any enema associations. The subset of people engaging in this practice is probably not going to run across your son. My first thought was actually fleet-footed, as in someone who's able to run really fast. I didn't even think of a fleet of ships until you mentioned it, but that's really cool. I prefer it to Flynn, which is gaining traction but always reminds me of someone slurring Finn.

    Ludo. This one's my least favorite and the only reason I can come up with is I once had a friend who called himself Lupo, which I think is Spanish for wolf. It's also evocative of Luduvine. I have no idea if little girls in France with this name are nn'd Ludo, though.

    Omri. It sounds a bit like a compact car. I'm sure I'm mixing it up, though. Is this pronounced Ome-ree or Ahm-ree? I think this one could totally grow on me.

    Revel. Probably my favorite with your sibset, but only because of the Dex/Vox conundrum. Also, love the nn of Rev. I have a friend Rebel, who goes by Reb. I've always liked that a lot as well. (He was born Robert, son of a minister, and changed his name at 18 to Rebel).

    Vox. Awesome, but makes me like Dex/Dexter a whole lot less, probably not an effect you'd like if my response was a general one.

    Venture in the middle: !!!!!!!!!!!! Totally awesome.

    Grimm in the middle. I guess I only like it after the Grimm Brothers. I prefer that to the family connection.

    Oswald. Lee Harvey. But I still like it.

    Thanks for stretching our minds!

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    Revel Venture is handsome.
    Omri Grimm lovely but, too ominous..?

    And I think you are right, Fleet fits the best with the boys. Don't worry too much on the medical associations.
    Trying to find the right name for the third time!

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