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    I am inspired by your energetic name choices!
    I like several of your choices, but I have to vote for the underdog, Omri. One of my favorite books growing up was "Indian in the Cupboard". I just love Omri.
    "What's in a name? That which we call a rose
    by any other name would smell as sweet." --Shakespeare

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    I really like Fleet but the Enema thing would make it a no go for me.
    Next is Ludo, I really like it as well, and the meaning is superb ('I Play'). But it's the first board game I ever learned so it's a little difficult for me to take seriously. Ludo Venture sounds like someone seriously making an effort at being the best at Ludo and Ludo Grimm sounds like a Ludo game lacking in fair-play and mercy. Ludo Fleet just sounds wrong. I might prefer Ludo in the middle?
    Omri is on my list, but he sort of drowns in my other favourite O names, Orion, Oak, Obadiah, Oberon, Obsidian, Ocean, Oisín, Osprey, Osiris and Oriole. It reminds me of Emre, a Turkish name meaning 'friend' that I love. Omri Venture sounds best. Grimm has too many of the same sounds.
    Revel is a little too abstract for me, I prefer Delight for a girl. I kind of like the V's in Revel Vox.
    Vox is a favourite, and Vox Venture is stunning! It's too close to Dex for me. I wouldn't use it.

    I would probably end up with Omri Venture of all your choices, simply because there are hesitations with all the others.

    For some more suggestions:
    Fleet - I love the suggested Swift, but something like Rush or Dash would also be cool. Flint is similar in sound. Floyd?
    Ludo - Ivo is a favourite. Lynx is cool, and somehow less similar to Dex than Vox. Luno is the masculine form of Luna. Jago? Mirko? ELMO! I love Elmo for St. Elmo's Fire. Xylo.
    Omri - Emre, but also Emeric. Osprey? Prairie? Chrome but that's a browser... Comet, Comfrey, Domino.
    Revel - I always liked Reverie for a boy... I'm not very into it, but I always thought it sounded better (also Juniper on a boy). Rhythm, Rusher, Royal, Roshan.
    Vox - Toivo. A sweet Finnish name meaning 'hope'. Noon, Joss, Cobalt, Laszlo, Boaz, Jorah/Jory. I really love Bowie for you!
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    If Fleet is deemed unworkable:

    Fagus--the genus name of beech trees
    Fell--Old English for a high, rocky ground
    Firkin--a covered antique wooden storage container

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    From your list I like Ludo, Omri, and Revel. I pronounce Omri the same as you. I really like both Ludo and Omri, they are really handsome names.

    I also like both of your middle names.

    I really like Ludo Grimm and Omri Venture from your combos. Vox Venture is also super cute.

    Btw, after posting in your girls thread I have really started to like the sound of Finch. It is cute.


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    Swift.... I love this suggestion. Pilot, Dexter, and Swift are perfect. Plus it's got the connotations of being a bird plus the fast/fleet connection. I don't really like any of the possible middles with this though. Swift with any word name comes off as a phrase or a description, but I just love it so much.

    Also really love Revel. Revel Grimm is very handsome.
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