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    @thuja- Thank you! I pronounce it Ahm-ree. Idk if it's supposed to be pronounced Ome-ree. If it is, I'm scrapping it. Anyone know the correct pronunciation?
    Yeah it's 'om-ree' (om like the end of Tom or Dom) like the main character in the book 'The Indian in the Cupboard'. Ludo is my favourite from your list.

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    My first thought for Fleet was fast, like "fleet of foot." But with Pilot I might be concerned that it would come off as war-like.

    Omri and Ludo are just ok for me.

    I love, love, love Revel and Vox. Revel Venture and Vox Grimm are awesome.
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    I think Revel, Vox and Venture are the most evocative names by far. My favorites are the latter two since Revel I think will very often be misheard as 'revel.'

    I don't think Dexter and Vox are too close. If anything, look at the Jolie-Pitts for confirmation (Maddox, Pax and Knox all end with X).

    I also think the suggestion of Swift was pretty genius-- a swift is a small bird, and the everyday word means 'fleet,' and it's got a snappy 1-syllable sound.

    Surgeons in general are inordinately concerned with people's bowel function (more so than the average person, I grant you). I prescribe fleet's enemas at least twice a week, to people young and old. To me it's the dominant association of the word, and it might be not just for the elderly or for other docs but also for anyone who's ever had surgery (since post-op constipation is present in >80% of patients).

    I love the sounds of Vox and Venture together, but wonder if you might salvage Oswald here and stick it in the middle? Vox Oswald Venture sounds great-- you get fusty old Oswald bookended by two sharp modern meaning words starting with V; and your son would get a "standard" name just like his brothers. Oswald himself was a cool historical figure-- a 7th century king who Christianized northeastern England before being slain in battle.

    One final thought-- I can't believe Venture isn't used more often. It's a very uplifting word, a noun and a verb, inspiring one to undertake new ad*ventures* and set off into the unknown.

    I just love saying it... Vox Oswald Venture Miller....
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    I really like Revel and Venture and Vox. Vox Venture is such a spunky and cool name combo! I'd go for that one!
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    From the list, I like Fleet and Ludo. I think Vox is too similar to Dex, and Revel just makes me think of the candy! Omri I just don't care for personally.

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