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    i like Amadeus, but it does sound as a whole lot of name, and maybe a bit over the top? But on the other hand, if you and your dh love this name, then why not? It is your child.

    I just saw your little girls name (love it), and thought i could give you some Hungarian boys name suggestions:
    Andor or Andras (from Andreas)
    Balint (from valentinus)
    Gabriel (Strong man from god)
    Teodor (from Theodore, gift of god) or Todor


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    It's fine as a first name : )

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    ★ Iris ★ Lilah ★ Merit ★ Sylvia ★

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    Agree with Renrose I think it's fine as a fn

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    It's a lot! It was my favourite name when I was a kid, and I would call all the characters in my stories Amadeus, regardless of gender. I don't know why it's not quite clicking for me these days as a first, in the ways that names like Augustus, Julius -- hell, even Odysseus -- do. I think it might be the emphasis on that penultimate syllable? And the AY sound? If it were A-MAUD-ee-us, it would seem less extreme? Aeneas works for me because it has fewer syllables, so it's slightly less of a mouthful even with that big AY sound.

    The truth is, there's no real reason not to have it as a first, especially if you adore it! For the record, Aeneas is wondrous, and it just makes me think of the Aeneid, doesn't remind me of a body part at all.

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    There is nothing wrong with Amadeus.
    The only alternative that I can think of that is incredibly similar is Amandus (Late Roman Name meaning "lovable, worthy of love". It's the masculine form of Amanda). In other languages it can also be: Amand or Amando.

    (PS: I love the name Ambrose but I feel like that's much more difficult convince someone of than Amadeus. Good Luck!
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