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    Why can't his first name be Amadeus?

    Well, after much agony over girl names, we found out we're having a boy! The only boy names I love are Amadeus, and Aeneas (Apparently, Aeneas sounds too much like a biological part...*sad face*)

    I don't understand why every time I look for opinions of the name Amadeus, people all agree that it should remain a middle name. Be honest, what is wrong with Amadeus as a first name?

    With names like Thaddeus, Cassius, Alexander, Wolfgang (Mozart's first name!), and even Amadeo becoming more mainstream, what's so bad about Amadeus as a first name?

    It has great nickname potential, it has an awesome song associated with it (I love Rock me Amadeus, and I don't think is a negative because there are other popular songs about names that a lot of people have to hear about on a regular basis - like Jude, for example), it is associated with one of the most talented composers who ever lived (it was his middle name for crying out loud, his first name, Wolfgang, seems to be a more acceptable name among people), it's not made up sounding/trendy, it is strong, quite handsome to see and hear, and could there possibly be a sweeter meaning to a name than "Love of God"?!

    So, let me have it! What's wrong with it? Please, be brutally honest because I need to know why I shouldn't name my son this!
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