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    Is Wyatt too trendy?

    So we had decided on Wyatt way early on in our first pregnant. Later on the in pregnancy (before we knew the gender), MIL made genius some comment like "Why" with our surname instead of Wyatt Surname, and my husband immediately started saying it didn't flow. Anyhow, the baby turned out to be a girl as did her little sister so it was a non-issue. Well, it's almost 5 years later and we are having a boy. Funny thing, MIL puts Wyatt on her list. Yes, she sends me list and list of names. Husband now is open to it.

    Problem...I still love the sound and wild west feel to Wyatt. However, I feel like it's gotten really popular. I personally have never met a little Wyatt. We live in Miami and so Lucas and names that translate easier to Spanish seem to be more popular. However, my husband is from up North and we went to school there, so there's a good possibility we could move around.

    Is Wyatt too popular to use (assuming you are concerned about trendiness, which I am)?

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    It is, in my mind at least, in a group of names with Emmett & Everett. Soft sounding, strong feeling country type names.

    It's Sheryl Crow's son's name too.

    I think it has a lot of appeal & could climb.

    Popularity wise it feels similar to Levi I guess. Not shockingly unheard of but nowhere near common.

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    I live in Minnesota and have family in Iowa and Wisconsin and I don't think I've ever met a little Wyatt but I would love to! But I agree with Taz that it sounds like a name that would fit in pretty easily with other names that are popular for boys right now. For me I think that makes Wyatt the perfect amount of trendiness for a boy name. For boy names I like when they can fit in but are still unique enough that there aren't 8 in a classroom.

    At the end of the day though I think any name that you still like after 5 years is definitely a keeper! Are there any other names that you guys like as much?
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    I personally only know one Wyatt and I know of one other. I agree with meganelizabeth that if you still like it after 5years, it's a keeper.

    I looked it up and last year it was number 58 in the state of Florida. It was 48 nation wide.

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    I don't think so, especially not as far to say trendy. But I adore the name Wyatt so maybe I'm a bit bias.
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