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    Exclamation got 3 boys...and oops here comes another. Help?

    Hi there,
    I am a bit embarrassed to post on here and say this. I am a very proud mother of 3 boys! I love them dearly but my husband and I were definitely set on having 3 and that was it. At least that was our plan, until I found out I was pregnant. I don't like to use the word accident because I think every child is a blessing including this one. So although a bit unprepared, we are going to open our hearts to another little one and we need a name! I just found out at my last appointment that we are expecting a boy. Since the name train stopped flowing a while back, I need some new, fresh ideas. If you can tell from my sons' names, we tend to like classic, charming, offbeat yet not too odd of names. If you can pinpoint our taste and lend us a helping hand for Prince Charming #4 as he is called now, my husband and I would be so grateful! Thanks!

    My sons' names:
    Eldridge Hayes (12)
    Arthur Linus (10)
    Willis Baxter (6)

    Known as Ellie, Artie, & Willie.

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    Great list! Definitely up my alley.
    I really like Winfield, Calloway, Prescott, Langston
    For middle names, I like Vaughn & Lloyd.

    More ideas are welcomed!
    Eldridge "Ellie" Hayes (12)
    Arthur "Artie" Linus (10)
    Willis "Willie" Baxter (6)

    Expecting Calloway "Callie" Wright!

    Wife to 1 King.
    Mother of 3 Princes.
    Expecting Prince Charming #4 in 2013.

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    Congrats on your unexpected blessing! Are you by any chance in the UK? Your sons' names have a very British, gentlemanly feel to them. Your style seems in tune with this list from a British name blogger:

    Hope something catches your eye!

    ETA: Check out this list too.
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    Calloway Vaughn is quite dashing and can have the nickname Callie to follow your nn trend in the sibset.

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