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    Primrose, followed closely by Rosalie. I'm not a Rosie fan at all, but I surprisingly love both. I doubt I would use either up front, though, as I'm afraid she'd get called Rose/Rosie/Rosa! :/ But I have to admit, as far as Rose names go, Primrose and Rosalie are pretty amazing.
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    Rosamund is my favorite, hands down. To me, it's the rose name that most calls up the image of rosa rugosa, the pink fragrant beach rose. The "mund" makes this name almost peppery, gives it heft.
    Rose, if it weren't so darn popular.
    Rosemary (if we're counting it.)

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    Rosalind or Rosemarie! Out of those Rosemarie probably wins.
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    Oh, that's going to be hard I love so many of them! My top would probably be: Rosemary nn Romy, Rosalie, Rosaline, Rosamund, Rosalind and Rose. They're all so great, it's hard to chose.

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    Hmm... Well Rose is a clear winner!
    But I also like Primrose, Rosalie, Rosabel and I think Rosalind is growing on me!
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