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    So, Liam comes from William?!

    Hi all,

    Many of you probably aren't shocked but I've always loved the name Liam, never realizing that it's a shortened version of William (and I've been trying to figure out a way to honor my grandfather who was named William). Perfect!

    Realizing this intrigued me and made me question what other names out there stem from longer forms of names. Of course there are some pretty obvious ones, but can you think of any similar to the William nn: Liam that I or other Berries may not have thought of?

    I'm ready to be amazed!


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    I only realized this recently too....
    It's back on our list too because DH loves the name Liam and I'm more partial to very classic, "strong" boys names...but have never really liked the nn Will. William could fit the bill with nn Liam...

    I guess another one that only recently lightbulbed in my head was Frederick nn Rick
    I also had NO idea there was a connection between Robert and nn Hobbes.

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    I "discovered" this back when I was at a mothers group with my oldest. A woman had a little boy there who was named after her grandfather, William (I have a grandfather with this name too), and the childs name was Liam. Hearing it said vs seeing it, then it made sense. I blame lack of sleep and preoccupation of other things in the year before for having a "duh" moment then and there, lol.

    Knew a neighbor when I was in high school who named her baby Charlotte (before it was trendy, back when all I could think of was "Charlotte's Web" and "Bronte") after her DH's middle name which was Charles. That got me thinking about how there are femininations of names that are not just adding about an "A" to the end like Paula, Erica, Victoria etc.

    Sometime in the next few days I know one of these "of course its related!" names will come up in my head, but right now I am blanking on any other than the obvious ones.
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    check out this website:

    it will give you the family tree as to the origin of most names. It can be pretty interesting

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    John - Jack
    Alexander/ra - Sasha
    Joseph - Seph
    Christopher - Topher
    Tobias - Toby

    Hm, can't really think of any others, except for a few Russian ones, perhaps.

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