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    Opinions wanted: Vivian, Isabel, Viviana, Susanna, Savannah or Reese

    Hi Everyone,
    We are having a baby girl and I am pretty stuck on names. My top choices right now are Vivian, Isabel or Reese but would love the opinion of the forum. I have a Latin background, so I am looking for a name that will be easily pronounced in Portuguese (the only drawback of Reese, since that one will be a tricky one for relatives to say!). We don't have very strict criteria--we just want a name that is not too, too popular and one that is a straight-forward spelling, since the baby's last name is a bit tricky to spell.

    Please feel free to also suggest other names that may be similar to the names above. Below are my thoughts on the names above:

    Vivian- I really love this name since it means lively/full of life. Nicknames Viv, Vivi or Viva are also cute. Is it a bit too old lady??

    Isabel- I have always loved this name but with Isabella being such a popular name, it might get lumped in to that pool?

    Viviana- Too much flourish perhaps? Does it sound snobby?

    Susanna-My husband's pick. What is a good nickname for Susanna? I can't stop singing the song "Oh Susanna, oh don't you cry for me"....but I'm trying to be open minded.

    Savannah-Also my hubby's pick. Nickname?

    Reese - I love this name. Just tricky to say in portuguese or spanish but maybe people can learn?


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    Well, I have to say that I am pretty biased to Viviana. I'm still looking for a place on my list for it! I would love it as a first name but it isn't high up on my list for a first yet. But I LOVE it. I think it is gorgeous and not any more frilly than Isabella, which is so popular. I would definitely choose Viviana over Isabel. I don't think you hear Viviana nearly as much as Isabelle, Isabella etc.... Reese is my son's middle name and I prefer it on a boy. (Just my opinion though and I love Viviana so that gets my vote!) Good luck!
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    Why not use 1 as a first name and 2 others in the middle. Options that came to my mind were Isabel Susanna Reese and Vivian Savannah Reese

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    I love Vivian out of your options, love the sound, the meaning, I dont think its too old sounding at all! Vivi is just adorable.

    Vivian Susanna (to incorp. dad's pick) or Vivian Reese (stick the one with possible pronunciation issues in the middle?)

    Yes, I do think Isabel tends to get lumped in a bit with all the Isabellas/Isabelles/Bellas...not that its not still a beautiful name, but it doesnt have the same impact as it did for me before it got so popular.

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    I love Vivian, Susannah and Savanna. Vivian is my favourite, it's stunning!
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