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    Anyone up for a CHALLENGE? :)

    Hello Berries! My cousins have enlisted my help to find a name for their 3rd child due in April! They do not know the sex yet but are already set on a boy name (Christian Michael after family) They already have two girls, Amelia and Bianca. Here's the challenge part. They have RULES for a girl name whereas they have been set with a boy name since their last pregnancy.

    1. MUST START WITH C (no exception)

    2. MUST END IN A (no exception)

    3. MUST BE SIX LETTERS (can be more or less if fits all other categories)

    4. MUST BE 3 SYLLABLES. (I disputed this rule because I pointed out that Amelia is 4 syllables which then opened the door for more names but they expressed as close to 3 syllables if possible)

    Mom LOVES Clara, but dad is only okay with it even with spelling Claira to fit 3/4 categories. Dad's favorite name is (brace yourselves) Corsica.. which unfortunately hits all 4 categories...

    Our entire family LOVES Cordelia and I think my cousins would consider except that Mom has her heart set on Claira but can't budge Dad's mind about Corcia because it fits ALL categories that they agreed upon from the get go.. so hence needing more options.

    Names exed already that I have suggested: Celina, Carina, Crysta

    Quite the challenge, hope someone is up to it!
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