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    Need help thinking of a girl name

    We just found out we're having a little girl! She is our first baby! I was wondering if you ladies could give us some ideas that you think would be a cute name for a little Greek Italian baby. I'm petite (5'1, 118) and my husband is slender as well (5'7 140), so we're guessing she will be small too. Both hubby and I have dark hair, hazel eyes (hubby has blue/grey) and fair skin. We try to eat healthy and incorportate exercise into our daily routine. We're both very shy in public and too out spoken with close friends and family. I'm a math teacher and hubby is an engineer so we have a little nerdiness in us. I am orginally an art major though and love style and organization! So that's a little about the parents. Names we thought of so far are Ava, Emily and Zoey -- but their popularity kind of put us off and I'm a little unsure whether I really like Zoey. Maybe Marina? Could anyone else pick out names that you think would be fitting for our little girl? Thanks so much!
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