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    I like the cutsie variants of Eilane like Ellie or Laney. They come directly from Elaine but are a little more modern. If those are too nicknamey for you, how about something like Clair, Brycin, or Phoebe. They are all some form of bright/shining! Can we ask what first names you are considering?
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    Has anyone mentioned Eleni? I think it's the prettiest Elaine-type name

    EDIT: Oh, I guess the ending doesn't work with that you want.

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    The first thought that popped into my mind was Lenore but I'm not entirely sure why, I guess it's just a vibe thing (and I adore the name) then came Delaney and Yvaine
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    I will second the suggestion of asking your mom for her favorites and maybe picking one of those. Or you can just take a syllable of your mom's name and use that. My mom has similar feelings about her name. For a girl I've thought about incorporating the more prominent syllable (An) into the name (Annabelle, for example). So, for Elaine you could do Lacey or something like that. Or just Lane, which is a little more literal in its connection. Or any El- name (Elise, Eliza, Elisabeth, Eloise, Ella, etc.). or use her initials maybe?
    I think it's really sweet that you want to honor your mom in this way. Sounds like she is a good one and deserves it! Good luck! :-)

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