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    If you know she doesn't like her name but want to honor her in some way, why not ask her for some suggestions? State upfront that you'd be taking them under advisement as opposed to promising to use one, but she might like the idea of having her grandbaby being called one of her personal favorites (or a variation on one).

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    -Linnea (lin-ay-ah). Has all of the same letters from Elaine (plus one n). It's the name of a flower.
    -Layla/Laila? It has the same "ay" sound as Elaine.
    -Bianca, Lucille, Phoebe, Phaedra, Sorcha (similar"bright/shining "name meaning as Elaine)

    Sweet that you're honoring family!
    "What's in a name? That which we call a rose
    by any other name would smell as sweet." --Shakespeare

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    aww.. i love Elaine.. That's my middle name!

    I know you don't like Helene, i don't either, really.. but i absolutely adore Helena!

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    My first thought would be Alaina (or Elena if you want to keep the E) . Or idk if you like unisex names...but just Laine or Lane would work too. Do you have any other girl names you like to work with?

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    The suggestion of Linnea is great.

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