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    Names that are similar to Elaine

    I am currently 33 weeks pregnant and if I have a girl I would like to have the first or middle name after my mother- Elaine. I have been on bed rest for 5 weeks and she helps me out everyday and we have always been really close.

    The problem is she is not particularly fond of her name. I like the idea of a similar sounding name or even just similar meaning. We are not fans of Helen, Helene, or Ellen. Elinore is also off the table since people confuse my mom's name so frequently and call her Elinore- which she hates. It also cannot end in a "e" sound since the last name ends in ley.

    Can you please give me any suggestions?

    If it is a boy we will most likely name him Wyatt James (James is a family name). If this helps at all.

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    Helaina or Helaine
    Alana, Elena
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    Alena (ah-lee-nah) could be an option, or Alana (either ah-lawn-ah, or ah-lay-nah) could work, even Lainie, which would be very cute! Congrats and good luck picking a name!
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    I really like the suggestions of Elena and Eliana (Elena was actually my second thought!). Have you considered Helena? I know Helene and Helen don't appeal (they don't appeal to me, either!), but I think Helena is just lovely. And it has the lovely nn of Lena (or the more unisex Leni, or the vintage Nell, or even Ella/Ellie... Not sure where you're at, but I love the Scottish Eilidh, too. If it appeals and it would work in your area, I offer that up, too.

    Good luck!
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    Some suggestions....

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