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    Name for baby girl #2?

    Hi Nameberries,
    This is my first post, so I hope you can all give me some help and suggestions.
    We have a 1yr old daughter Taylor Rose - Taylor is my great grandparents surname and Rose is after her grandma.
    So now I am feeling the pressure to give our second daughter (due Feb so 16mnths apart) an equally special name that we love.
    We don't want anything too common etc
    My husband likes
    Kaitlyn and Amber
    Middle names that have family meaning to us are
    Francis, Nicole, Kim, Ellen, Mary
    I like Theo but dont think I could get it across the line with hubby as a first name on birth certificate but don't know if I love THEODORA, anyone got ideas of a name that could have nick name Theo?
    I also love Ruby and have since I was a young girl but its been in the top 3 names here for over two years now
    Something that goes with sibling Taylor and our last name is Watson....
    Thanks in advance

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    Kaitlyn, Amber and Taylor are actually very popular where I live, but Ruby isn't.

    I think Kaitlyn Francis is very cute. or Kaitlyn Ruby.

    You could name her Thea.

    Thea Rose Watson
    Kaitlyn Francis Watson

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    I do like Frances for a girl. Maybe something really girly in second place to go with her sister's Rose?
    Frances Ruby
    Frances Lily
    I can't think of any Theo names that aren't really florid.. Theodosia, Theodora. Maybe Althea?
    Maru (for Mary) nn Ruby? Maru Kim or Maru Kate are pretty modern sounding..

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    Actually, am I bad its Frances, not Francis, shows how much I know about the family name.
    Also Theo is hard to match a middle name to I am thinking...
    Kaitlyn Ruby is what hubby wants, but the fact that I am not 100% convinced is whats worrying me, but the suggestions so far give me more to keep thinking about!

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    I have met plenty of Kaitlyns (spelled Katelyn, Katelynn, Caitlin, Caitlyn, Kaitlyn and Kaitlynn and seen its many variations), but since Taylor is also common, Kaitlyn works just fine with it as a sibset. What about....
    Kaitlyn Azalea
    Kailtyn Dahlia
    Kaitlyn Holly
    Kaitlyn Iris
    Kaitlyn Jasmine
    Kaitlyn Lily
    Kaitlyn Mae/May
    Kaitlyn Olive
    Kaitlyn Sage
    Kaitlyn Tansy
    Kaitlyn Violet
    Kaitlyn Willow

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