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    How funny - Felix Agustin is my top choice if this baby is a boy, and I see you have that on your list! (with a "u"). Someone else sent me a private message a few months ago saying they have a Felix Agustin as well!

    My other favorite boy name is Sebastian T(h)omas, of course.

    Other names that seem to fit your style would be Theodore and Phillip
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    I completely agree! Though my tops girls change almost weekly (sometimes daily!), my top boys have not changed at all. I think it's because girls name trends change much faster than boys. Felix Augustin in my favourite from your list. My top 4 boys:
    Oliver George
    Arthur Jack
    Percy Alexander
    Spencer William

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    Cair Paravel :)
    I really love your list! Particularly Felix, Leopold, and Louis. Our styles are very different, I'm not sure you'd find much inspiration from my list, haha, but here it is, anyway.

    Caleb Elias Joseph
    Everett Joshua Charles
    Asher Edmund _____/Asher Elliot Zane
    Jack August Cole (might swap Cole for something else, not sure atm)
    Grayson Isaac Jude "Gray"
    Avery Ian George
    Brody Elliot Daniel
    Bailey Elias Charles
    Zane _____ _____
    Spencer Ezra Gray (possibly to be replaced by Judah--not too sure, atm!)

    I like Atticus, Boone, Booker, Noah, Samuel, Gabriel, and Beckett, but not really enough to fit them onto my top 10.

    Good luck!
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    the little gentlemen:
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