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    Frilly Name With Spunky Nickname

    need a name that will match sib set, going for unusual / frilly, lacy names with cute spunky nn, so far i have:
    Cambrie - Brie
    Eliana - Ellie
    Lorelie - Rory
    was thinking maybe Adeline nn Addie but it just doesnt seem to fit with the other names, need help and please let me know what you think of the names i have so far, also, any ideas for boys names would be much appreciated

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    I like those names...
    how about
    Eloise - Elsie or Lola
    Georgia/Georgiana - Gigi
    Ruby - Roo
    Olivia/Olive - Ollie
    15 year old namelover from downunder...
    Little Ladies: Anouk, Hero, Clio, Rory, Scout & Sailor
    Handsome Guys: Atticus, Levi, Noah, Jasper & Jesse

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    I like the suggestion of Georgiana nn Gigi. Others:

    Ariana 'Ari'
    Arabella 'Ara' 'Bella'
    Matilda 'Tilly'
    Juliet 'Etta'
    Livia 'Liv'
    Tatiana 'Tia'
    India 'Indy'
    Louisa 'Lucy'
    Girls: Lucy, Nora, Ivy, Mae, Willow, Rose, Nessa
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    Josephina- Feeny
    Beatrix/Beatrice- Trixie
    Luella- Lue
    Magnolia- Nola
    Georgina- Nina
    Cordelia- Dede, Delia
    Fenella- Nell
    Apolline- Polly

    Sometimes I think my idea of frilly is a little different than others. I'm always on the look out for a frilly name that Wallis would be a great nickname for

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    Wilhelmina - "Win" or "Willa"

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