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    Brother for Spencer Dwaine.

    My brother and sister in law are pregnant again with another little boy..
    Whenever they come around, the conversation always falls to baby names.
    The name they're currently considering is very nice, but i don't know..

    They want to use Earnest Blayne

    First of all, Blayne seems too trendy.. wish they would use the spelling Blaine at least, but she won't even consider spelling it any way but with an unnecessary "y".. bleh.. it's also waaayy matchy with Dwaine.. rhyming names are the worst.
    He would be called by Blayne.. Spencer and Blayne don't really have the flow that a sibling set should have..

    Earnest is very nice, and is being used to honor our late grandfather, but i think his middle name Eugene is better.

    Just to beef up the name suggestion list, what would you guys suggest that uses either Earnest or Eugene in the first name spot and sounds nice with the brother's name Spencer Dwaine?

    Other names they like but can't agree on:
    Him: Joshua
    Her: Oliver

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    Yeah the spelling of Blayne like that definitely clashes with the old-fashioned Earnest.

    Earnest James
    Earnest Jonathan
    Brian Earnest or Brian Eugene
    Earnest Wiley (one of my friend's middle name)
    Earnest Pierce or Eugene Pierce
    Douglas Eugene

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    oh my gosh.. Earnest Pierce!!!
    That's great! I love it.. I'm seriously calling my SIL right now!!

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    I agree, Blayne's spelling clashes, and matches too much with Dwaine. (I find it interesting they basically "switched letters" with Blayne and Dwaine. lol)

    Earnest Blaine is great though. I don't understand why they'd name him Earnest when they know they won't call him that, just but Earnest in the middle then? I too prefer Eugene over Earnest Or just use the E initial to honor, and find a name they like that fits with Spencer.


    Middles for Eugene: Harris, Harrison, Henry, Nicholas
    Middles for Earnest: James, George,
    Nathaniel . Eden | Alessandra . Noel

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    ooh what about Joshua Earnest?

    I also really like Pierce.

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