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    Choices, choices, choices

    I am currently pregnant with twins (not surprising as they run in both mine and dh's families). These will be babies 4 and 5. We don't know and won't find out the genders until they arrive into the world.

    One's middle name will be Rome, the other Milan (currently noodle and peanut).

    Our kids are Matilda Geneva, Eloise Austin and Walter Theodore

    Our choices of first names for girls are:

    Bernadette * - This would have been Walter's name had he been a girl

    Our boy choices are:


    Any thoughts on this would be appreciated. What would be your choices for sibsets?
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    Your kids names are lovely.
    For a girl I like Beatrice Milan, Clara Milan, or Aurelia Milan.
    For a boy, I like Graham Rome, Edmund Rome.
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    Your kids names are lovely. Here are my four favourite combo's.
    Beatrice Rome
    Susannah Milan
    Edmund Milan
    Frederic Rome
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    I really love the idea of adding Ramona and Beatrice to sisters Matilda and Eloise. There's so much children's literature going on with those names.
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    Our choices of first names for girls are:

    Ramona - This is really not my general style at all, but for some reason I am attracted to it...
    Bernadette - Another that I would never use myself, but I think this would be so cute on a little girl. You could call her Birdy
    Beatrice - I've never been a huge fan of this one, I just really don't see the appeal. Bea is cute though.
    Susannah - Maybe because I have two Sue's in my family, but I always think of Sue names as dated.
    Henrietta - Not a big fan.
    Clara - I just don't see the appeal of Clara/Claire.
    Aurelia - This is my top pick on your girls list. So lovely and classic.

    Top picks: Aurelia, Bernadette, and Ramona

    Aurelia Rome makes me want to jump up and down.
    Obviously do not use Ramona Rome, haha. A little over the top.
    Bernadette Milan is cute as well.

    Our boy choices are:

    Graham - Not sure how you are pronouncing it, I tend toward the American GRAM, which then makes me think of grandmothers.
    Alistair - I love this one, I'm just not sure how usable it is.
    Fredrick - Fredrick is so handsome!
    Edmund - *dies* I love this name, but will never use it as there are an overabundance of Edwards in my family.
    Alfred - This one is still a little dated for me, though Alfie is cute.
    Francis - Probably my least favorite on your boys list. I see the appeal, I'm just not a fan.

    Top picks: Edmund and Fredrick

    Edmund Milan and Edmund Rome both sound great, as do Fredrick Milan and Fredrick Rome.

    Some combos:
    Edmund Milan and Aurelia Rome (my top pick for b/g!)
    Fredrick Milan and Aurelia Rome
    Edmund Rome and Bernadette Milan OR Ramona Milan
    Fredrick Rome and Bernadette Milan OR Ramona Milan

    Edmund Milan and Fredrick Rome

    Aurelia Rome and Bernadette Milan
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