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    Why did you or will you choose a popular/trendy name?

    I love discussing names and naming styles, and I find it interesting how some people love popular/common/trendy names and others are almost desperate to find something unique or uncommon. I know myself I prefer uncommon names.

    For those of you who have chosen or will choose a common/popular/trendy name for your child, I am curious as to why. Is it because you want your child to have a normal name or maybe a family name? Or maybe because you just really love a name and popularity be damned! For those of you have a child with a common name do you ever regret your name choice?

    Even though I lean toward uncommon names, there are some really popular names that I love (Sophie, Jack, Ryan, Jacob, Benjamin, Chloe and Emily etc) but would never use out of fear that I would regret it.

    Anyway, just curious on people's thoughts.

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    I think people choose popular names because the first time they hear of it the name has already become 'trendy' and by then they are too hooked to consider something else. Or it could be a name used to honor a relative regardless of how common it is. I have been in love with the same boy name since I was 10 years old and read it in a book, and I have never met anyone with that name, but now it is in the top-30. I still planned on using it, but then I didn't think it suited my son when I saw him. =]

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    The percentage of parents naming their children names in the top ten is far less then in years past. When I became pregnant with my first, I did not want him to grow up with a "Jennifer" type of mine, insanely popular for a few years and being one Jennifer out of many in a classroom, or, public place. So I know I am more sensitive to this then many people, even though a little Sophia may know others but its not of Jennifer proportions.

    I did choose Violet for my youngest, a somewhat trendy/popular name, much more then my others for our location in the USA. And while I have seen posts on here where people consider it too common, I did choose it because,my husband's favorite color is purple so it has meaning to us.

    Even if a top 50 name had meaning, I probably wouldn't choose it personally, as I said, my view is tainted being one of so many Jennifer's in my early 30's. Even if realistically, my childs top 50 name is not overly common, like I said, I am very adamantly about not having any of my children be one of many.
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    I love uncommon names and love it when I hear of a child with a non-trendy or non-popular name.

    My daughter's name is Catherine, which is obviously a very common name. I chose it because I've loved the name since I was a child, it never really goes out of style (i.e. the name Isabella right now will be seen as out of style 30 years from now, you'll be able to pinpoint around the year an Isabella was born) and other names that I've really liked in the past, I've lost fondness for as years, or even months, passed. I wanted something classic.

    Pretty much the same for Henry, although in his case, it's also his grandfather's name. It is a little more trendy than Catherine, but I weighed the pros and cons and still chose it.

    I think a lot of people choose popular names because they really don't know how popular the name is. Like "Oh I've never known a Sophia, it must not be popular!" and I think a lot of parents do want a 'common' name but I doubt any parent would want to give their child the number one name in the country! A lot of people just choose to ignore popularity in favor of a name they love.

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    I think for most people I know it's that when they first heard and started liking the name, it wasn't on the top 10, 20 or 30. It's just that the sort of spreads like wildfire and many other parents are feeling the same thing at the same time and the next year or two you get this surge of popularity on the name.

    I personally had always liked the name Sadie. I decided on it for my daughter. One of these unofficial lists came out and it showed that Sadie had become more popular in that last year. I loved her name and there was no turning back. Sometimes people tell me how when they first heard that I named my daughter Sadie, they had never heard of it before, but now they've met a few Sadies. It's still not Sophie or Isabella or whatever, so that's okay with me.

    The interesting thing with the trendy names is that they are seemingly names that were not at all popular and suddenly become the "it" name. I think of all the little Liams, Lucases, Jaydens and they are very much a 5 and under set. I can't tell you how many little Olivias and Madisons I know, but I know of very little my age or my younger sister's age.

    I am always a little surprised though by people's name suggestions sometimes. When they suggest, Olivia or Isabella or Sophia as if they just came up with it. I'm a little shocked.

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