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    Question Names of Main characters, help!

    I'm working on an idea for a book series that takes place in the future. It's more sci-fi than fantasy and there is dystopian theme to it. There are people with powers in it but not vampires, more like mutants.

    These are the main group of characters that I've come up with:

    Phoenyx (Nyx)
    Camus (goes by Milo after his "death")
    Beckminster (Becks) (it's supposed to be a pun on Becks, the alcohol, and Buckminster a sort of stiff name)

    Please tell what you think about them, preferably:

    Male or female?


    Impression (i.e. adjective or tone)?

    Does it fit with the others?

    And anything else you'd like to add! Any comments are greatly appreciated!
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    Phoenyx (Nyx): Girl; prn like "Phoenix", fits well
    Shaka: I don't know...reminds be of Shakira and Shaq, so it doesn't really work out.
    Camus (goes by Milo after his "death"): Boy; prn "KAY-muhs"; Camus works, but Milo doesn't fit
    Arella: Girl, prn "uh-RELL-uh", works well
    Axel: Boy; prn like it looks, seems to fit
    Kala: Girl; prn not sure if its like "Calla" or "Kayla"
    Riya: Girl; prn "REE-uh", works
    Zain: Boy; prn like its spelled, works
    Tate: Boy; prn like spelled, stands out a little bit to me
    Frost: Could be boy or girl and woul be fine; fits in well
    Blake: Boy; its a bit more normal than the rest of the names
    Pellinore: Girl, prn like "Eleanor"?, works pretty well
    Magnus: Boy; prn "MAG-nuhs", works very well
    Althea: Girl; prn "al-THEE-uh", works great
    Beckminster (Becks): "Becks" seems girl, but "mister" seems boy; fits in
    Helio: Boy; "HEE-lee-oh", stands out a bit to me
    Njord: Looks like boy, no idea for pronounciation
    Verity: Girl; "VEHR-it-tee", goes well with others
    Jemma: Girl; prn like it looks, stands out to me
    Boys: Maxwell, Bennett, Oliver, Elliott and Archer.

    Girls: Rose, Juliet, Aria, Cora and Scarlett

    Sorry for any random spellings. I'm probably on my nook!

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    marinadance17: Thank you so much for your insight, it helps me quite a bit when developing characters. I'm really impressed because you got almost everything correct. To clarify:

    Shaka: is male and is named after Shaka Zulu, who was the most influential leader of the Zulu Kingdom in Africa
    Camus/Milo: I couldn't decide which name I liked more but was leaning towards Milo because Becks, Phoenyx and Camus are mentioned together often. I wasn't sure if the s endings are too repetitive.
    Kala: prn Calla is also male but I sort of want it to have a feminine ring because he is homosexual but also one of the most intimidating characters.
    Beckminster: is male as well
    Helio: I wanted to be pronounced AY-lee-oh, the Spanish way
    Njord: is a boy and prn NEE-yord like fjord
    Blake: is actually a female
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