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    Question Fantasy Character Names - Help?

    Working on an old story of mine for a fiction writing workshop for a class I'm taking, and I'm just really curious about how people are going to feel about the names. Most of the characters I've been working with for years, and I've known their names since I created them, but they're a little weird and I feel like they're almost childish. I know fantasy can be a touchy genre, because people expect really made-up names, but you have to avoid that keyboard-smashed style.

    Basically, I want to know if you think these are fitting to the genre? Do they fit well with each other?

    How would you pronounce them??

    Would you assume male or female?

    What sort of assumptions about the character would you make? (ie, girly, royalty, main character, etc.)

    Overall impressions??

    Lorraina OR Alaina, nickname Lainey
    Selona (possibly changing to Selena?)

    Thank you so much!!!

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    Aetana - (Ay-tah-na) i like it but dont love it - female - main character?
    Chrey - (Sh-ray) mmm i dont like it - male - best friend
    Dagger - (Da-ger) its strong and masculine, i like it - male - bad guy
    Elaegar - (El-ay-gar) nope - neutral - bulter
    Erika - (E-ree-car) its okay - female - princess/royalty
    Garendd - (Ga-rend) no - male - idk
    Kierran - (Keer-ran) love it - male - main
    Lilly - (Lil-lee) i prefer it spelt Lily but Lilly is nice too - female - idk
    Linnelle - (Lin-ell) hmm its interesting - female - popular girl
    Lorraina - (Lore-ay-na) maybe just Lorraine - female - popular girl
    Alaina - (A-lay-na) i like it - female - idk
    Metisse - (Met-eese) nup dont like - female - idk
    Neo - (Nee-o) like - male - bad guy
    Obsydia - (Oh-b-sy-dee-a) strange compared to the rest - neutral - idk
    Selona - (See-lone-a) eh its okay - female - idk
    Selena - (Se-leen-a) i like it - female - idk
    Syrohn - (Sy-ron) like it alot - male - idk
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    Some of them are pretty out there but it is a fantasy genre and I've seen much weirder
    Aetana: female, royalty, ae-tan-ah (like it's spelled), proud
    Chrey: male, shray (like gray), mysterious
    Dagger: male, easy to pronounce like the weapon, possibly a threat
    Elaegar: unisex, ee-lay-gar, magical (if this has magic in it, not sure)
    Erika: female, common enough not to be mispronounced, tough
    Garendd: male, gar-end
    Kierran: male, ki-air-an, royalty
    Lilly: female, lily, fragile or unexpectedly strong
    Linnelle: male Lilly, luh-nell, really similar to Lilly
    Alaina: female, uh-lane-uh, girly
    Metisse: unisex, met-eese, talented with arts
    Neo: male, nee-o, means new so something unexpected
    Obsydia: female, like obsidian but without the n, dark
    Selona: female, se-lone-uh (more different than Selena which is pretty common), light
    Syrohn: unisez, sigh-rune or sigh-ren, sexy

    I like most of them a lot! In context they would work better together, but seem to work okay here. Garendd with two Ds throw me off a bit when reading it.

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