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    Quote Originally Posted by teacup42 View Post
    You could suggest giving your daughter the same initials as his mother as a way of honoring her, but if he doesn't go for that I say you should use the name Stella for the middle name. Think of how happy it will make your husband, rather than your feelings towards the name. Plus, your daughter will probably one day love the fact that her middle name has such special meaning, especially to her father
    That's a really good point actually....

    Quote Originally Posted by redwoodfey View Post
    Absolutely. He's only asking for the mn. My boyfriend's mother also died years ago, and though I don't care for her name, if he ever asked if we could use it, I would. My mn is my grand-mother's name, and I don't love it, but I have always felt very connected to her because of it. Hopefully your daughter will feel like that someday.
    Well, he would RATHER we use it as fn but I just absolutely can't bring myself to do that - I can't imagine myself calling out for her everyday using a name that I've always hated so much :/

    Quote Originally Posted by rylane46 View Post
    This is a toughy....but in this case...I think I'd let him have it. I imagine he feels a bit...."lost" for lack of a better term...without his parents around to met their grandchild. I, as a general rule, do not think you should have to compromise with a name you don't like...but this has very special meaning to your SO it's not like it's just a name he likes because he can. As a PP said...think about how you'd feel if it was you that wanted to honor your deceased mother and he was against it.

    Would you be open to two middle names? That way he gets the name he likes but you can incorporate the names you like too. Example based on your signature...Malin Winter Stella.
    Quote Originally Posted by scarlettrobin View Post
    I dislike the name Stella as well, so I can relate.

    However I think in this case you probably should use it as a middle name since your partner feels the way he does about honoring his late mother... but offset it by putting in another middle name to balance the overall name out.
    Quote Originally Posted by jemama View Post
    I agree with all of this.Compromise and use it as a mn or a 2nd mn. It was his mother, and while you dislike the name it does have meaning to him. Hugs!
    Thanks all! I think the two middle name option may help, particularly if I can get him to agree to using Stella as the last mn...hopefully that would be acceptable?

    Quote Originally Posted by ottilie View Post
    Malin Winter Stella Glass is BEAUTIFUL!!
    I know two middles can seem like a lot (it's tradition in my boyfriends family and we've got two last names) but it might make you feel better about the name.
    Thanks I do think it would make me feel better about it. We're not 100% on Winter yet as a mn but I do want to indulge myself with her mn, names like Winter and Wren are right up my street but my family are SO opinionated on them that I can't use them as a fn - so I at least want to allow myself to be creative with her mn
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    I would definitely use it for the emotional aspect. And it means star which is just lovely. I like Malin Winter Stella Glass/Malin Stella Winter Glass (particularly if you're due in winter). Malin the star of the Winter is a spectacular message behind the name. and lets be honest, mns don't get used all that often anyway!

    Good luck!
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    As a middle name? There is nothing to even consider here. It is his late mother. Stella is beautiful.

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    Malin Winter Stella Glass is really pretty. It makes me think of twinkling stars!

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    I would use it considering how much it means to him and you might also want to consider that it might mean a lot to your daughter when she's old enough to understand that she's named after her grandmother.

    I can understand why it's hard though
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