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Thread: Creepy names

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    Exclamation Creepy names

    I'm writing a novel and I need some names for these types of characters
    ~Shape shifters
    I want them to have meanings, for example my main characters name is Magna and it means Strength which matches her. So if it's a demon name, for example, it should mean something like deceptive or evil. Please help!

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    Some ideas:

    Mermaids / Mermen / Fairies
    Adriana / Adrian = "of the sea"
    I'm still not sure what kind of names you want since I don't know who your characters are, but maybe Greek names like Kyriake? Sirens, similar creatures to mermaids, were in Greek mythology. I suggest researching sirens, actually, considering the list of creatures you have here.
    Aquila = "eagle"

    Angels and Demons
    For angels and demons, invent anything with "el" which means god. That's what most of the ones appearing in mythology / religious texts have. For example MichaEL, SamaEL, HaniEL, SariEL, ShamsiEL, GabriEL and RaphaEL are all names of supposed angels / fallen angels (I guess fallen angels are just kinda demons, really.) If you need a feminine name, make an "el" name and just stick an "A" on the end like Michaela, Raphaela, Gabriela etc.
    Random invented ideas:
    Liriel / Liriela
    Zephael / Zephaela
    Sorinel / Sorinela
    Avriel / Avriela
    Yenael / Yenaela
    You get the idea.

    Ghosts, Zombies and Witches, Seducers / Seductresses
    Technically they are all people and will have ordinary people names, but they would be time appropriate (so, a medieval name for a medieval witch / ghost.)
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    So I went with meaning more so than creepiness. I'm pressed for time, so I can only do girls - sorry!

    Beryl - a seagreen jewel
    Calypso - sea nymph who kept Odysseus captive
    Marina - from the sea
    Maris - of the sea
    Morgana - edge of the sea
    Nerine - sea-nymph
    Nerissa - of the sea
    Pelagia - the sea
    Sula - large sea bird
    Thalassa - from the sea
    Ula - sea jewel
    (using "dark" as the base search for this)
    Adrienne - dark, rich
    Darcy - dark
    Dee - black, dark
    Ebony - a dark, hard wood
    Garnet - a dark red gem
    Kerry - dark; dark-haired
    Leila - dark as night
    Lisha - the darkness before midnight
    Maureen - dark-skinned
    Melanie - dark-clothed
    Melantha - dark flower
    Melinda - dark

    (using "moon." Apparently no names mean dog)
    Chandra - moon-like
    Cynthia - moon
    Delia - name for the Greek moon goddess
    Deva - name for the Hindu moon goddess
    Diana - name for the Roman moon goddess (and of other stuff)
    Isis - Egyptian moon goddess
    Kamaria - moon-like
    Levana - moon
    Luna - moon
    Magena - the coming moon
    Neona - new moon
    Selena - moon

    ~Shape shifters
    Sorry...apparently no names mean change...Maybe a modernized form of an old name? Like Emmalee or Abbygail?

    Hermosa - beautiful
    Ilona - beautiful
    Jacinda - beautiful, comely
    Jamila - beautiful
    Keely - beautiful
    Nani - beautiful
    Noelani - beautiful one from Heaven
    Shaina - beautiful
    Shifra - beautiful
    Alida - beautifully dressed
    Alina - bright, beautiful
    Calla - beautiful
    Callista - most beautiful
    Farrah - beautiful or pleasant

    That's all I have time for. I might be back later with more suggestions!
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    I'm back!

    Why do no names mean magical (that I could find, anyways?) I think nymphs and such, so maybe all the sea nymph names I previously listed, plus Echo - the nymph who fell in love with Narcissus.
    Fay - fairy, elf
    Shea - from the fairy fort
    Ella - elf, beautiful fairy woman
    Titania - queen of the fairies from A Midsummer Night's Dream
    Aubrey - bond ruler, elf ruler
    Elvira - elf-coucil, excelling
    Luella - elf
    Nissa - friendly elf or brownie

    Angela (Angelica, Angie) - angel, messenger
    Seraphina - the highest order of angels are the Seraphim
    Arella - angel messenger

    Most people don't want to name their kids "bad," so nothing there

    See above. Although I thought Lilith had something to do with ghosts. My book must be flawed.

    Anything to do with the elves. They're the most magical creatures I can find.
    Proud author of Kissimmee, Orlando, Mary, Adam, Mississippi, Micah, Georgette, Evelyn, Diane, Millicent, Maybeline, Prudence, Margo, Jade, Matthew, Susan, Maura, Mil, Floss, Connor, David, and so many many more

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    Mohana means "bewitching, infatuating, charming" in Sanskrit. This could work for a couple of areas of naming.
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