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    Has anyone not used a name based on popularity and regreted it?

    I am struggling with the popularity of 2 names of my top 5 list - Benjamin (#(24 in NY) and Ryan (#10 in NY). We seem to have dodged a bullet with Jack so far, he has yet to have another Jack in his class or camp group. I can almost guarantee there will another Ryan if we decide to use it since I have seen so many lately.

    For some reason I think a boy could care less if there is another one around and tend to start using nicknames alot where as a girl would be more bothered by it.

    I know alot of this is a personal decisions but has anyone else gone through this and what did you decide?
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    I have a friend (she's in Sweden) who always wanted to name her son Hugo, but it was in the top 10 the year before he was born so she went with Mio instead. She doesn't regret naming her son Mio, but she says that if she has another son, she will call him Hugo.
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    No but I agree with you, I think a boy could care less. I could've cared less and I grew up with a top 10 name for my generation, I always had at least two other girls with the same name in my grade and usually one in my classes but I guess I felt secure in my identity and self esteem if that makes sense? Basically I always knew there were stand out things about me that separated me and the 5 other girls that shared my name so I wasn't afraid of being mixed up with them or forgotten in a sea of them. It probably helps that I love my name and think its beautiful

    If you love the name and your gut tells you to use it then I say why not?
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    I firmly believe that each person's personality makes the name unique to them, regardless of how popular it is. As a teacher, I can assure you that despite the many multiples I have of a name, each child is totally different and I associate the name to the person, not to the other people with the same name. If you love a name, use it!
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    I have a weird complex where I have NO desire to use an overly popular the point where I could love a name but would not use it if it was in the top 10 (or even top 50). If you used a more popular name, maybe spruce it up with an uncommon middle! This was helpful to me growing up. I had a very common name and so I would often go by my 1st and middle to differentiate.

    I do totally agree with the above comment though... each child makes their name unique in it's own right.
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