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    I know 30 'Ellie's" although their given name is different. Wow, blows my mind!
    I don't like overly frilly or "stuck up" names. No your kid isn't going to be rule the world, but he will have problems spelling that 15 letter name.

    RenRose- A lot of "random word" names have been in use just as long as Isabella etc. Maybe you should do a little research before you post an opinion as fact.

    I think there's only "one opinion" on this board sometimes.... You all are pretty much saying the same things over and over and I can't get any genuine responses for questions just "it sounds too much like this" or "it doesnt look right" when I'm asking for facts and not opinions.

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    I'm actually getting tired of seeing one of my chosen (and all time favorite) names on these forums! Many people want to use it but they're a little scared to use it by itself so they find some crazy first name and use my beloved name as a mere "nickname". Usually the first name doesn't even have anything to do with the "nickname" they're using!
    I'm also tired of the 'give your kid a nickname before they're even born' trend. Like, "I'm going to use Isabella, but I'm going to call her Isbee so she'll be different." If you want your kid to be different don't use one of the top names, simple as that! I think nn's should be something they aquire through life, giving them a nn now really diminishes their chance of being given a nn based on their personality, or based on how their grandpa says their name, etc. (and those are always the best nicknames!)

    Oh, and I can't stand Josephine.
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    AMELIA, or AMELIA-ROSE or AMELIA-MAE. I hear it far more than I like it. I know there are some massive fans of Amelia who may now come for revenge and and beat me with my keyboarbml\sdhfs\fdsiv \ishfbs ijsd jbsdfhbsfkjlhf but it’s a very hard thing to get my head arounsLDHIBFslh bghldb because there’s nothing inherently wrong with the name itsellkaBRHEBdgighgisd
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    I hate the name Madison. I despise it. It was one of the first names suggested by my daughter's father and I said absolutely no under any circumstances. It was so popular between the late nineties and mid-noughties, especially amongst the lower classes, it seemed to me. And maybe that's harsh of me to say...but I truly hate it.

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    I agree with this statement. I'm also not a fan of using boy's names on girls.

    Quote Originally Posted by ashthedreamer View Post
    What I'm sick of is a whole genre of names, though--Mackenzie, Kinley, Kinsley, Tinsley, Tenley, Henley, Bayleigh, Riley, Brinley, Braelyn, Brayleigh, etc.--they all scream made-up an all the times I have heard names like those sort of just mesh together. I'd MUCH prefer to meet 10 Isabellas tomorrow than to meet another Mackenzie or Riley. :/

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