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    Congrats!! We are due with our second son on April 3,2013.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hayleyinwonderland View Post
    I'm expecting my first baby, due April 6th.

    Wondered if anybody else was due around April time?
    I am due April 17th with my second!

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    Quote Originally Posted by gigigibbons View Post
    People definitely hold their tongues a lot more once the baby is born. But, I'm not trying to tell you to NOT share your name, I'm just saying make sure you're ready to stand up for your choice before you do, and don't budge just because somebody else doesn't like it. Now I'm more stubborn so that nobody could ruin another name for me, but oh well. I didn't use Audrey or Milo but I did find names that I am head over heels in love with to this day so that's all that really matters in the end. Just use a name you love!

    Oddly enough, and honestly I have no idea how I missed it before, but my best friend just had her second daughter and she named her Autumn Rayne. It's a little too strong on the nature names for my own tastes, but she would never had considered any of the names I used either lol. I did try to get her to spell it Raine too, haha! But it's really neat to see somebody else who loves that exact combo. I'll have to tell her, I'm sure it'll please the heck out her! I have to say though, that Bronwen Coralie is so freaking awesome. I also like Bryony Rose, and I adore Wren!
    Aw, I'm gonna try my hardest to stick by the names I love Though I have just had another ear-bashing from my mother about how much she hates Tyne! lol. We have a new second option now, Ossian, and I will NOT be sharing that one with her!!

    Aww thanks - Bronwen Coralie is probably my top choice for a girl, though I have recently fallen in love with Tierney too! I ADORE Autumn Raine - It is very nature-y and quite hippy dippy, but it just sounds so beautiful to me lol. I did love Autumn Rose for a long time too, but the Raine sounds more poetic to me. Please tell your friend I'm glad someone out there has been given that gorgeous name, I've loved it for years!

    Maggielee - congrats to your cousin! I suspect it may be a boy if my own morning sickness experience is anything to go by, but please let us know

    Congrats to everybody else expecting too! How has everybody been feeling in the second trimester?
    Hi! I'm Hayley

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    I'm due with my first, a boy, on April 3rd. We're pretty set on naming him Parker, I'm a jazz saxophone player and it's in honour of Charlie Parker. We're not talking about the name with family because we don't want it trashed. Congrats to all of the other expectant parents on here!
    Parker Scott (3/8/13)
    Vanessa Mariska (11/28/14)

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    Congrats Jennifer! I love why you picked Parker! Meaning is always important.
    Not so done having children after all. We're not ready for TTC quite yet but when we do get pregnant,the husband handed sole naming rights over to his name obsessed wife!

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