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    Quote Originally Posted by ottilie View Post
    Matthias giving birth would be interesting!

    I'm feeling great (just a teeny bit tired), but I'm nervous about my scan and blood test results (going to get them on friday). I'm sure everything's fine, I just get really nervous and anxious about these things.
    Ooh is this is your second scan or first? I haven't had my blood test results yet from my first scan, I know what you mean - it is nerve wracking! :/ Fingers crossed!

    Quote Originally Posted by gigigibbons View Post
    And no, I've had extremely little morning sickness (usually I'm sick morning, noon, and night for the entire duration of my pregnancy!) and the only symptom I really have is feeling tired and run down. But I feel you though, I have 4 other pregnancies under my belt where I was sick as hell. At least with my first it only lasted the first trimester and then subsided, but the other 3 were vicious.
    That's interesting! Were the 3 vicious ones all the same sex or mixed? I'm wondering about the sex/vicious morning sickness old wives tales - I am reeeeeally hoping this tails off soon! I can't keep anything down :/

    Quote Originally Posted by whitney c View Post
    I'm due 4/25 with my first as well! Super excited!
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