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    Share your favorite celebrity baby names!

    Im compiling a list for a blog type thing, sorry its bait secretive at this point, will give away more information later but want to know what your favorite celebrity baby/children's names are?
    The children can be of any age and their parents don't just have to be a-list celebs, include all celebrities major and minor.

    For example a sib-set that i like is Joshua Morrow (plays Nick on the young and the restless) so he's not super well known,
    Cooper Jacob
    Crew James
    Cash Joshua

    So please write and share your favorite names, not just restricted to siblings, can share a couple of your favorites from across the board.

    Don't be shy!

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    I can only think of one that I really like...

    It's Agnes Lark, Paul Bettany and Jennifer Connelly's daughter.

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