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Thread: Wdyt??? Bng

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    Question Wdyt??? Bng

    Its simple really:

    1. Write down a name or combo or sibset that you like or are thinking about or a crazy/weird thought that you just want some opinions on.
    2. The next person writes down their opinion on the pp name combo or sibest.
    3. You can comment on as many peoples names, combos or sibsets as (n, c, s) you like and even start discussions about them but make sure to put the n, c, s in a quote so we know what you're talking about.

    SAB Whirligig

    I'll start:


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    2,552 sounds kind of cute...but I really prefer Molly.

    Ivy and Fern (as a sibset)


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    I like Ivy but not too keen on Fern. Cute when they are young but a bit matchy as teenagers.

    WDYT of Merida & Primrose for a sibset. What about for triplets? I don't want flower names. Also-are the colours in your signature the colours that you see or are they just random?

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