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    Re-posted from Sibling Forum: First Baby Boy's name?! Help!

    Ok fellow name-nuts, I need some help.
    I have one son *4* Liam Anthony (Anthony is his father's and paternal grandfather's middle name, as well as being his paternal great-grandfather's first name)
    My fiancee (different from Liam's father) and I are thinking about starting to try, but we're stuck on boy name number 1!

    We know that his middle name is Robert (my fiancee's middle name and his father's first name) and our last name begins with R and has the "ih" sound and a lot of "t" in it as well. Boy numbers 2 and 3 (if we have that many) are already picked: Micah Scott (Scott is his mother's maiden name) and Patrick Thomas (Patrick for my mother Patrice and Thomas for my maternal grandfather).

    Our girl names are: Kathryn Rose (Kathryn for my maternal grandmother and Rose is both my middle name and both my maternal and paternal great-grandmother's, both who were extraordinary women), Juliette Claire (Claire is his maternal grandmother), Evelyn Joy nn Evie (Joy is for his mother Joyce), and Aria Vivianne (Aria is because I am a classically trained opera singer and Vivian was my paternal grandmother and Anne is my mother's and grandmother's middle names)

    I'd love all thoughts, opinions, and critiques on ALL names, but most importantly, poor little no-name number one boy.

    My fh likes Oliver and Conner
    I like Jason (fh is Justin, thought it might be cute for similar sounding names without the JR)
    My mother like Garret and Jared

    I don't know! Help out berries!

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