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    If you are just looking for celebrity baby names:
    Sunny Madeline- Adam Sandler
    Gloria Ray
    Camden Jack- Kristen Callavari
    Haven Garner- Jessica Alba
    Maxwell Lue
    Baker Allen- Leigh Allyn Baker
    Lorenzo Dominic- LOVE Snooki
    Harper Seven- Victoria Beckham
    Olive Barrymore- Drew Barrymore
    Alexander John- Tom Ford
    Olivia Mabel- Carly Smithson
    Summer Rose- April Hernadez-Castillo
    Violet Isabel- Emily Robison
    Finn Davey- Tori Spelling
    Nylah MacKenzie- Jen Hoffman
    Mason Blaise- Alyson Porter
    Indi Joon- Josie Maran
    Sonny Lee- Jason Lee
    Dixie Pearl- Caleb Followill
    Grey Audrey- Jenna von Oy
    Teenberry, name loving girl.

    Lucy, Madeline, Caroline, Kylie, Bryn, Audrey/Aubrey, & Sierra
    Eli, Caden, Camden, Riley and Caleb

    Guilty Pleasures:
    Clementine & Tiara

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    Thanks guys! Wow i had no idea Kate Winslet's daughter middle name was Honey!

    Shealatoba I am not just looking for celebrity baby names, nameberry actually has a master list of names going back to 2006 and i could use that if i wanted.

    As i said I want to know what are your favorite celebrity names! just what berries in general like in celebrity baby names.

    Stella Mcartneys Children i like too:
    Miller Alasdhair James
    Bailey Linda Olwyn
    Beckett Robert Lee
    Riley Dilys Stella

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    Devon, England
    Aoife Belle (Child of Una Healy)
    Harlow Winter Kate (Joel Madden and Nicole Richie)
    Suri (Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes)
    Vivienne Marcheline (though I don't like the rest of the Jolie-Pitt clans names)
    Seraphina Rose (Ben Affleck & Jennifer Garner - I don't like the siblings names)
    Marlowe Ottoline (Sienna Miller)
    Aviana Olea (Amy Adams)
    Piper Maru (Gillian Anderson)
    Emerson Rose (Teri Hatcher)
    Tallulah Belle (Demi Moore and Bruce Willis)
    Hi! I'm Hayley

    Currrent Favourite Names:

    Malin Winter ~ Cadence Louisa ~ Bryony Rose ~ Bronwen Coralie ~ Autumn Raine ~ Lakyn Wren ~ Temperance Rae ~ Tierney Dot ~

    Tyne William Henry ~ Macaulay ~ Lorne ~ Tiernan ~ Logan ~ Lane ~ Deacon ~ Regan ~ [I]

    Check out my honest blog on the highs & lows of pregnancy - Sparkles & Stretchmarks

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    London, England
    My darling Marian Illyria Aphrodite, March 2013 & Little Bunny (a girl!) due 9th of February 2014

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    Cair Paravel :)
    I love:

    Violet Anne and Samuel Garner (so Seraphina Rose Elizabeth is lovely, too, but I like Violet and Samuel's names so much more!)
    Hazel Patricia, Phinnaeus Walter, and Henry Daniel.
    Mirabella Bunny (so Bunny's not so cute, but I sort of like it with Mirabella!)
    Adele Georgiana (but not her twin's name, haha. I just love Adele Georgiana!)
    Aviana Olea
    Olivia and Joshua (James van der Beek's children. I think Olivia and Joshua are just so understated and classy together!)
    Willa Lou
    Baker James (Leigh-allyn Baker's son)
    Harper Edward

    I don't know if most people consider these people celebs, haha, but I really like a lot of the names of Christian bands/singers/etc:

    Josiah Christopher and Penelope Jane (Chris Rohman)
    Emmerson Mae, Claire Lillian, and Bowen Matthew "Emmy, Claire, and Bowen" (Matt Hammitt)
    Isabella Rose and Arianne Mae "Bella and Ari" (Jeremy Camp--obviously influenced my list, haha!)
    Luella Jane and Delaney Ruth "Lulu and Delaney" (Matthew West)
    Benjamin, Nathaniel, and Elliott "Ben, Nate, and Elliott" (Mark Graalman)
    Bennet Elise (Pete Prevost; so I'm not sure I really love Bennet, but I love that it was chosen for Pride and Prejudice, and I think it is quite striking and interesting!)
    Truett, Judah, Moses and Marlee (adopted twins), and Leo (TobyMAC)
    Lila Kate (Ryan Gregg)
    Ashley | storyteller | Christian

    princesinhas e príncipes:
    Isabelle Aurora Grace ▪ Avery Ian George

    thinking about:
    Adelaide Iris Mireille "Daisy" ▪ Reef Benjamin Elias
    Grayson Amory Charles "Gray" ▪ Violet Ophelia Noelle "Lottie"
    Ava Marigold Jane ▪ Everett Maximilian James
    Lennox Shepard James ▪ Daphne Elisabet Mary
    Rosamund Hannah Jane "Rosie" ▪ Jack Sailor Ezra

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