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    Eulalie, Adelaide and Honora are my favourites from your new list. Adelaide Flora is wonderful! And I always loved the nickname possibilities with Adelaide, Addy is my least favourite! Lady, Leda (first 4 letters reversed), Adie (prn. AD), Dell/Della, Ada, Adele, Delia....
    Eulalie Honora would be very sweet alongside Adelaide Flora. Marie is a little boring yes, and I never quite saw he appeal of Eloise. Eulalie Mara would be more fun while keeping some of Marie. Honora Isobel would be better, but I still prefer Eulalie Honora to both of these
    I would like Eleanor Artemus if it was Eleanor Artemis (nn Nell), but even more as Helena Artemis (nn Nell).

    The only boy name on your list I don't like is Augustus, parhaps in particular the Gus nickname. Augustin nn Augie would be my favourite, or maybe Augusta for a girl. Augusta Claire? Augustin Henry is great!
    Alder is fun. I'm not sure about all the word names your pairing him with. Alder Henry would be better, but Alder Grey is my favourite although it seems like a colour name in the 'Olive Green/Madder Red' style. I love both Alder and Grey but together they're a bit much. Alder Graham (gray-um)?
    Caspar I prefer as Caspar, Caspar Gray would be wonderful, I'm personally not a fan of Glenn or James. Caspar Cove would be fun for some of the same feel Glenn has. Or Caspar Grove.
    Caspian is wonderful, I like him with Alder. Caspian Alder or Alder Caspian.
    Fawkes Roscoe seems a little over the top. Fawkes Gray or Reed Roscoe would be better.

    I see you have both Henry and Henrietta on your list, I'd just like to mention my favourite variant of these, Henriana. So dignified and lovely! Henriana Marie or Henriana Evelyn both sound stunning.. Or Honorine. Adelaide and Honorine/Henriana makes wonderful sisters, but perhaps in a more serious direction the Eulalie would take you.
    Honorine Juno is a favourite combo of mine. Or Henriana Bloom.
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    *Eulalie Marie - I quite like Eulalie; Eulalie Marie is a bit much. How about Eulalie Kate, Eulalie Jane, Eulalie Reed, Eulalie Wren, etc...

    Evelyn Rae - this is nice

    Adelaide Piper - I like Adelaide but not with piper. How about: Adelaide Reed, Adelaide Wren, Adelaide Lark, etc...

    Emery Honora - I kinda like this

    Claire Henrietta - like


    *Alder Reed - I like this but it's a little D heavy

    Elym Fitzpatrick - I like Elm but I would use the traditional spelling. The middle name is ok to me, but I think it's really awesome to use a family name.

    Casper Glenn - I like it

    Archer Wren - Wren is a girls name to me

    Abacus Reed - I kinda like it

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    I really love Eulalie Marie, although I pronounce it yu-LAH-lee-uh, the same A that is in Marie. I also think Eulalia Marie would be best so they don't end in the exact same letters and sounds, and you can still call her Eulalie. I also like Adelaide Piper, this combo specifically, as I think Piper really works with it.
    For boys, Casper Glen/Glenn is amazing! I love it. I don't know if the ghost thing will bother people, but it doesn't bother me one bit. I also like Archer Wren, but Archer Glen would work too. (please vote!)

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