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    Boy & Girl name combo thoughts?

    Tell us what you think of our working list thus one, hate one? more suggestions that are similar? ANY input would be greatly appreciated!! Our last name is "Kephart". Also, thinking ahead to siblings what do you think work together and what doesn't?


    *Eulalie Marie
    (You-lay-lee) I think this name is lovely, whimsical and melodic, but i haven't received too many great responses when i have mentioned it to family...(Marie is DH's late grandmother)

    Evelyn Rae
    i think this is a lovely name that can grow with you, but perhaps not unique enough?(Rae is my middle name, Ray DH's father's middle name & uncle name)

    Adelaide Piper
    (?? not sure about piper - the whole name's flow isn't great)

    Emery Honora
    a bit vowel heavy but i do love both names!

    Claire Henrietta
    Claire is becoming pretty popular these days i it's last on our list but think it's a sophisticated little name (Henry = my grandfather and great grandfather's name)


    *Alder Reed
    Alder was DH's suggestion and I quite liked it's strong yet has a touch of sensitivity (i think) -- (Reed DH family name)

    Elym Fitzpatrick
    (El-um) I don't know much about this or if I just made it up -it's hard to find anything about it...but it's been growing on me quite a bit (fitz...mother's maiden name)

    Casper Glenn
    this was my grandfather's name, though he went by Glenn (which is also DH's grandfather's name) but I think i'd like the future human to go by the friendly ghost still an issue?

    Archer Wren
    I'm not entirely sure why this is on my list......but it is......

    Abacus Reed
    a DH suggestion - how serious was he? I'm not sure, but I kinda thought it was cute

    *are the top contenders

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    *Eulalie Marie - dislike

    Evelyn Rae - love

    Adelaide Piper - ok

    Emery Honora - love

    Claire Henrietta - like


    *Alder Reed - dislike

    Elym Fitzpatrick - dislike

    Casper Glenn - I think of the ghost.

    Archer Wren - ok

    Abacus Reed - dislike


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    Eulalie Marie Not a fan of Eulalie. Too many vowels for my liking, I can't quite put a finger on it

    Evelyn Rae I like this one.

    Adelaide Piper I like Adelaide, but not Piper. Makes me think of that show Charmed. I liked the show, but not their names so much.

    Emery Honora I like this one.

    Claire Henrietta I like this one too.

    The only boy name I like is Alder Reed. Archer is ok too, but not with Wren. Maybe Archer Reed or Archer Glenn
    I actually prefer Asher.
    Zoe Milena and Lucas Emmanuel

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    *Eulalie Marie- Overall I like it. I'm glad Marie is a family name otherwise I would say it's a filler but I do think Marie grounds Eulalie. I do have trouble seeing Eulalie on a little girl and an adult though.

    Evelyn Rae- Love Evelyn. It is more common but a solid choice! Rae even though I usually excuse middle names if they are family names I don't like Rae on a girl. I don't like this new trend of using the Rae spelling for a mn for a girl. I just don't find it cute or unique sorry!

    Adelaide Piper- LOVE Adelaide! So beautiful and unique! But with Piper Idk if I like that combo. I'm the too big on "flow" with the mn. I like the idea of loving my child's name so picking names that I love are the most important to me. So if you love Piper I say go with it. Some Adelaide combos I like are
    Adelaide Cecilia
    Adelaide Flora
    Adelaide Diana
    Adelaide Gwyneth
    Adelaide Jane
    Adelaide Lilith
    Adelaide Mabel
    Adelaide Moira
    Adelaide Scarlett
    Adelaide Odette
    Adelaide Vera
    Adelaide Wren

    Emery Honora- Love Honora but Emery is too unisex to me sorry.

    Claire Henrietta- Love this combo! Love both names! If Claire is too popular maybe try Clara?


    *Alder Reed- I like both names I do prefer the Reid spelling but if Reed is the family spelling that's what I would go with too.

    Elym Fitzpatrick- Not a fan of Elym. It's kind of girly to me. But Fitzpatrick is kind of cool.

    Casper Glenn- I really like this one. I think with Jasper getting popular Casper can fit in too.

    Archer Wren- These are both on my favorite lists! But Archer is on my boy list and Wren is on my girl list!

    Abacus Reed- Love this one but I would love Atticus a lot more.

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    From your list I would choose Alder Reed, but I have to agree I prefer the Reid spelling. I love Evelyn Rae, I think it's sweet and has a nice flow. Best of luck!

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