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    Jan 2013
    DH: Callum William Moran
    DW: Beth Amelia Moran
    -DS: Milo Carter Moran
    -DD: Genevieve Lauren Moran
    -DD: Esme Abigail Moran
    -DS: Daniel Jacob Moran
    -DD: Chloe Jade Moran

    DH: Milo Carter Moran
    DW: Juliet Isabel Smith

    DW: Genevieve Lauren Wilson
    DH: Cameron Paul Wilson
    -DS: Arlo Carter Wilson
    -DS: Benjamin Charlie Wilson
    -DS: Cameron Dominic Wilson

    DW: Esme Abigail Moran
    DH: Jonah Lucas Danielson
    -DS: Reuben Micah Danielson
    -DD: Hallie Yasmin Danielson

    DH: Daniel Jacob Moran
    DW: Ava Louisa Moran
    -DS: Preston Caleb Moran
    -DS: Oscar Emilio Moran

    DW: Chloe Jade Moran
    DH: Rhys Carlos Heavily
    -DD: Esther Chloe Heavily
    -DD: Rebekah Jade Heavily

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    Aug 2012

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    Nov 2012
    DH: Chester Wyatt Moss
    DW: Beatrix Alice Moss
    --DS: Maverick Chester Moss
    --DD: Gemma Louise Moss
    --DD: Elodie Alice Moss
    --DS: Dexter James Moss
    --DD: Charlotte Jane Moss

    --DH: Maverick Chester Moss
    --DW: Jasmine Isis Smith

    --DW: Gemma Louise Walters
    --DH: Curran Parker Walters
    ---DS: Atticus Chester Walters
    ---DS: Barnaby Curran Walters
    ---DS: Casper Donovan Walters

    --DW: Elodie Alice Moss
    --DH: Jack Leonard Dupont
    ---DS: River Mathias Dupont
    ---DD (adopted): Hyacinth Yarrow Dupont

    --DH: Dexter James Moss
    --DW: Adelaide Luella Moss
    ---DS: Phineas Calhoun Moss
    ---DS: Orson Elias Moss

    --DW: Charlotte Jane Moss
    --DH: Roscoe Calhoun Hall
    ---DD: Elora Cosette Hall
    ---DD: Ruby Juniper Hall

    babe 1 - october 8, 2013
    babe 2 - due september 2016

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    Oct 2012
    South Carolina
    LN: Morgan

    DH: Cadogan William Morgan
    DW: Betrys Allison Morgan
    --DS: Mervin Charles Morgan
    --DD: Glenda Lynn Morgan
    --DD: Enid Abigail Morgan
    --DS: Dewey James Morgan
    --DD: Caron Jane Morgan

    --DH: Mervin Charles Morgan
    --DW: Julia Isabel Sable (didn't change last name)

    --DW: Glenda Lynn Webber
    --DH: Christopher Paul Webber
    ---DS: Anthony Cole Webber
    ---DS: Benjamin Caleb Webber
    ---DS: Charles Dewey Webber

    --DW: Enid Abigail Morgan (didn't change last name)
    --DH: Joshua Lee Dudley
    ---DS: Robert Morgan Dudley
    ---DD (adopted): Hailey Yvonne Dudley

    --DH: Dewey James Morgan
    --DW: Amber Lorelei Morgan
    ---DS: Parker Chase Morgan
    ---DS: Olivia Elizabeth Morgan

    --DW: Caron Jane Morgan (didn't change last name)
    --DH: Ryan Calvin Hutchins
    ---DD: Evanna Claire Hutchins
    ---DD: Rowena Jewel Hutchins

    **Cadogan & Betrys moved here from Wales, and started a new family: Mervin, Glenda, Enid, Dewey, and Caron. Their family has now extended with the newest addition of grandchildren: Tony, Ben, Charley, Robbie, Hailey, Parker, Liv, Eva, & Ena.

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    Dec 2012
    LN: Masterson

    DH: Charles Warren Masterson
    DW: Beth Anne Masterson
    --DS: Michael Charles Masterson "Mike"
    --DD: Gayle Louise Masterson
    --DD: Erin Alice Masterson
    --DS: Daniel James Masterson "Dan"
    --DD: Caroline Joy Masterson "Cari"

    --DH: Michael Charles Masterson
    --DW: Jocelyn Irene Savedra (didn't change last name)

    --DW: Gayle Louise Winters
    --DH: Christopher Paul Winters "Chris"
    ---DS: Adrian Christopher Winters
    ---DS: Bennett Cole Winters "Ben"
    ---DS: Caleb Donovan Winters

    --DW: Erin Alice Masterson (didn't change last name)
    --DH: John Lionel Dover
    ---DS: Robert Maxwell Dpver "Robby"
    ---DD (adopted): Hannah Yasmin Dover

    --DH: Daniel James Masterson
    --DW: Anna Laurine Masterson
    ---DS: Patrick Clay Masterson
    ---DS: Owen Edward Masterson

    --DW: Caroline Joy Masterson (didn't change last name)
    --DH: Ross Cameron Holmes
    ---DD: Elizabeth Chantal Holmes "Liz" (me!)
    ---DD: Rachel Jane Holmes

    Charles and Beth with children Michael, Gayle, Erin, Daniel, and Caroline, and grandchildren Adrian, Bennett, Caleb, Robert, Hannah, Patrick, Owen, Elizabeth, and Rachel.

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