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    Dec 2009
    LN: Manning

    DH: Callahan Wright Manning
    DW: Bridget Alice Manning
    --DS: Malachi Cal Manning
    --DD: Gemma Louise Manning
    --DD: Esme Adelaide Manning
    --DS: Desmond James Manning
    --DD: Cleo Jane Manning

    --DH: Malachi Cal Manning
    --DW: Junia Iris Swanson

    --DW: Gemma Louise Westley
    --DH: Caspar Paul Westley
    ---DS: Archer Cecil Westley
    ---DS: Byron Charles Westley
    ---DS: Caspian Davis Westley

    --DW: Esme Adelaide Manning
    --DH: John Ludwig Drake
    ---DS: Ronan Miles Drake
    ---DD (adopted): Hollis Yael Drake

    --DH: Desmond James Manning
    --DW: Althea Lux Manning
    ---DS: Pasco Claude Manning
    ---DS: Orion Enda Manning

    --DW: Cleo Jane Manning
    --DH: Ralph Christopher Harper
    ---DD: Eliza Carys Harper
    ---DD: Rosalie Jane Harper

    ____ and _____ with children _______, ________, _________, ________, and ________, and grandchildren _________, _________, _______, _________, ________, ________, _________, _________, and __________.

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    LN: Michaels

    DH: Charles William Michaels
    DW: Beatrice Amelie Michaels
    --DS: Matthias Cian Michaels
    --DD: Georgina Louise Michaels
    --DD: Evelyn Anneliese Michaels
    --DS: Dexter Jet Michaels
    --DD: Callie June Michaels

    --DH: Matthias Cian Michaels
    --DW: Juliette Isla Stevens

    --DW: Georgina Louise Watkins
    --DH: Calvin Parker Watkins
    ---DS: Arthur Cillian Watkins
    ---DS: Bartleby Christopher Watkins
    ---DS: Conan David Watkins

    --DW: Evelyn Anneliese Michaels
    --DH: Jasper Liam Davis
    ---DS: Rupert Maximus Davis
    ---DD (adopted): Halcyon Yvette Davis

    --DH: Dexter Jet Michaels
    --DW: Alice Lucille Michaels
    ---DS: Pascal Caius Michaels
    ---DS: Oscar Ezra Michaels

    --DW: Callie June Michaels
    --DH: Roland Colin Harris
    ---DD: Emmeline Claire Harris
    ---DD: Ramona Jane Harris

    Charles and Beatrice with children Matthias, Georgina, Evelyn, Dexter, and Callie, and grandchildren Arthur, Bartleby, Conan, Rupert, Halcyon, Alice, Pascal, Oscar, Emmeline and Ramona.

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    Sep 2012
    LN: Miller

    DH: Christopher William Miller
    DW: Brooklyn Abigail Miller
    --DS: Matthew Christopher Miller
    --DD: Grace Leann Miller
    --DD: Elizabeth Ann Miller
    --DS: Derrick Joseph Miller
    --DD: Courtney Julianne Miller

    --DH: Michael Chase Miller
    --DW: Juliana Isabelle Smith (didn't change last name)

    --DW: Gretchen Lorraine Walters
    --DH: Cooper Paul Walters
    ---DS: Anthony Chance Walters
    ---DS: Brayden Clay Walters
    ---DS: Conner Daniel Walters

    --DW: Emily Ann Miller (didn't change last name)
    --DH: Justin Lee Davids
    ---DS: Ryan Mason Davids
    ---DD (adopted): Hannah Yvonne Davids

    --DH: Daniel James Miller
    --DW: Aubrey Lynn Miller
    ---DS: Paul Christian Miller
    ---DS: Owen Elijah Miller

    --DW: Caraline Jane Miller (didn't change last name)
    --DH: Ross Christopher Hudson
    ---DD: Emma Caraline Hudson (me!)
    ---DD: Rebecca Jane Hudson

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    Sep 2012
    LN: Morgan

    DH: Carter Will Morgan
    DW: Briar Ava Morgan
    --DS: Mason Charles Morgan
    --DD: Gwyneth Lora Morgan
    --DD: Elle Annalise Morgan
    --DS: Dylan Jasper Morgan
    --DD: Cordelia Jade Morgan

    --DH: Mason Charles Morgan
    --DW: Josie Isla Sawyer

    --DW: Gwyneth Lora Morgan
    --DH: Chandler Parker Wilkins
    ---DS: Abram Colton Wilkins
    ---DS: Brody Charles Wilkins
    ---DS: Carson Dean Wilkins

    --DW: Elle Annalise Morgan
    --DH: Jeremy Logan Dawson
    ---DS: Rian Mason Dawson
    ---DD (adopted): Harper Ysabella Dawson

    --DH: Dylan Jasper Morgan
    --DW: Alessandra Lydia Morgan
    ---DS: Peter Colton Morgan
    ---DS: Oscar Emmett Morgan

    --DW: Cordelia Jade Morgan
    --DH: Richard Clark Hudson
    ---DD: Emily Chloe Hudson (me!)
    ---DD: Ruby Jane Hudson

    Carter and Briar Morgan with children Mason, Gwyneth, Elle, Dylan and Cora and grandchildren Abram, Brody, Carson, Rian, Harper, Peter, Oscar, Emily and Ruby.

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    Wales, United Kingdom
    Libby Felicity Annalise Isla Phoebe Carina Violet Martha Ariana | Iowan Macsen Henry Isaac Jude Freddie Aneurin Niall Adair

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