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    So then if I went more off the beaten path and stuck with Drew for a girl, what names could I put with Drew as a double first name so schools, teams and government will know, "hey, this is a little girl!"?

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    Drew-- with the middle name Waverly, this is simply too unisex. Unfortunately there aren't any common female names that can be abbreviated or nicknamed Drew.
    Phoebe- this is a great choice-- it's uncommon, and even though it's much much more classic than her sister's name Scout, it has a very plucky and sunny feel that will mesh well. Phoebe Waverly has a fun flow; the vowels at the end of each word are very slightly different so it doesn't rhyme exactly.
    Stella- if you're happy to continue the S trend, I think this is your best pick. Stella Waverly sounds perfect (the Ls subtly reinforce each other), and even though the name is being given frequently, it still sounds fresh.
    Sadie- Sadie is a good style match for sister Scout, but it's a nickname (for Sarah) rather than a full given name, and I'd prefer Stella or Phoebe since I think they'll work better for a grown woman.
    Wynn- this is actually the masculine spelling; the feminine spelling has an e (Wynne). I actually quite like Wynne Waverly-- it's very unexpected, and I like the alliteration. This is actually my favorite suggestion.

    Boy list
    Sullivan (Sully) - adorable nickname; a bit longer than his siblings' names but it's an Irish surname like Shea, and balances well with Scarlett.
    Nate- not complete enough as a given name. Much prefer Nathan or Nathaniel. (You could also get there from Jonathan, Donato, Ignatius or Renato, but I'm not sure these names are your style). Nathaniel James is a very handsome name.
    Drew- works well on a boy. Drew Jameson sounds great, though I slightly prefer the more formal Andrew James as I think it will work better for him throughout his life.
    Cash- don't care for Cash. I wouldn't want to name a child "money." Now, Nash would really hit the right notes for your family-- what do you think of Nash Jameson?
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    I think Drew Stella would be cute!

    Eva, Mia, Joy, Esme maybe?
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    Stella Waverly would work best but Stella is very feminine next to Scout. Drew would be a better style "match" with Scout but Drew Waverly is a bit too unisex. I don't think Phoebe Waverly, Sadie Waverly or Wynn Waverly flow well. What about Sloane, Greer, Piper, Blythe, Brynn, Blair, Brooke, Gwen, Faye or Reese?

    Sullivan James would be my pick for a boy. Nate Jameson or Drew Jameson would be ok too. I don't care for Cash. Have you considered Will, Tate, Reid, Bryce, Jude, Ross, Heath or Vaughn?
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    I love Sullivan James from your boys' list! Shea, Scout, and Sullivan/Sully are adorable together. I like the idea of continuing the "S" names for a girl, so I think Sadie would be my first pick, but I really like Phoebe Waverly, too. I love @mischa's suggestion of Sloane Waverly.
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