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    Are these sibling names too similar to use?

    My husband and I are set on Archer James for a boy, and Arlo June for a girl (all family names). Are Archer and Arlo too similar to be siblings, or is it cute?

    I find myself leaning towards it being kind of cute, and our last name starts with a P, so is a refreshing change of sound after the heavy A sound.

    We are 100% set on Archer, but keep going between Arlo June and Sailor Kate for a girl. Is using Archer and Sailor too occupation-themed?

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    I think Arlo and Archer sound very matchy. If you're wary of similar-sounding names, I would go with Sailor instead. (But a girl named Arlo would be cool!)

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    They are very similar for siblings; personally I don't care for matching sounds and initials.

    I think Archer James is a good name; Archer is becoming trendy but it still sounds fresh.

    You doubtless know that Arlo is an exclusively male name. It has some homonymy with Harlow, which is perhaps why you're thinking of it for your daughter. If Arlo is a family name, have you thought about it for a son? Arlo James is a great name.

    Sailor Kate sounds like one of the scouts on Sailor Moon. I think Sailor is a rather frivolous name, unless the sea/sailing/navigating has special meaning for your family. But to pair it with a one-syllable middle name is cruel because it is *exactly* like the well-known cartoon. And yes, even if you switched up the middle, Sailor and Archer are still too similar.

    For your daughter, did you think about Harlow June? Marlowe June? Indigo? Juno itself?
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    I do think Archer and Arlo are too similar. Maybe you could be interested in Harlow, Marlo, or Sparrow instead?

    FWIW, I think Archer and Sailor are too occupation themed, but I much prefer the themey-ness of Archer and Sailor to the too-matchiness of Archer and Arlo.
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    If Archer and Arlo were both family names then I would probably go with it even if it was matchy.

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