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    I am not a huge fan of Cash but it is my husbands favourite. Drew is clearly unisex, but as we have two children already with unisex names already so that doesn't concern us too much. Nash isn't on the table because husband doesn't care for it! He is the picky one. I may sound like a broken record, but can we feminize Drew at all? I love Stella, but the popularity is getting too much for me to feel secure after giving our first two children unusual names

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    Sloane is a no due to a convicted pervert in our town. The association with that name in our community is still too strong.

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    You could use Drea or Andrea (nn Drew)?
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    I love Stella Waverly with your other kid's names!
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    Girls Side: I love Waverly. Thoughts on combos below.
    Drew Waverly - Both are cute but to me it lacks grown up appeal and the double - "w" mushes together to much. How about Waverly Drew?
    Phoebe Waverly - Both names are on my love list but if feels a little laborious to say out loud.
    Stella Waverly - Somehow I just hear "Stellar Wave dude!"
    Sadie Waverly - Sadie is nms. But this would be my first choice as I think it flows best.
    Wynn Waverly - Sound like a superhero. I like it. Would be my second choice.

    Boy list:
    Sullivan (Sully) James/Jameson - I prefer Ivan or Van as a nn for Sullivan I find Sully (while I love Mosters Inc) a little too close to Sullen. And then I hear Sullen James which I wouldn't want for my kid. Sullivan James however is an amazing combo (Jameson make it too wordy). Sullivan James would be my first pick.
    Nate James/Jameson - I actually have a friend called N@te J@mer$0n (FN & LN) so Nate Jameson sounds very familiar to me and I like it. Nate James feels a little abrupt.
    Drew James/Jameson - Drew Jameson is a great combo and would be on my number two choice.
    Cash James/Jameson - Cash is mms but Cash James is cool.
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