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    Otto is cool too. I doubt it will ever be up there with William though. Not so keen on Otis due to the movie connection- I agree.
    Not so keen on Hawthorne as it seems a different flavour to me. Much longer.

    How about Isolde? nn Izzy?

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    Is your family Finnish or Finnish-American?

    I think Finnish names are fascinating. They always seem so light, yet strong. I think due to the extreme isolation of Finnish as a language it's difficult to transfer them into a Romance or Germanic naming context, but I wish they worked more easily.

    Anyway, I want to throw a complete and total wrench in the works and say I don't think any of your three choices are best for the first name slot.

    I fear Otso, as a pp noted, will be teased as 'fatso.' The -o ending may be fashionable, but I can't think of many English words, let alone names, that end with -so. It's so unusual as a phoneme that I think it opens up your son to some very serious teasing (again, assuming you're not raising him in Finland).

    Isidore, to me, is the quintessential elderly Jewish man. The name means "gift of Isis" but for some reason it took off like wildfire in the Sephardic Jewish community and now has a fusty and decidedly Semitic image (rather like Milton or Seymour).

    Hawthorne is very nice indeed. I like the ancient symbolism of the hawthorn tree and flower. But I don't feel that it fits at all with brother Uli and sister Wren, both of which are light, brisk names.

    Suggestions: I know with Miles and Lyra you achieved a musical connection. Have you thought about Arvo? Finnish composer Arvo Part is one of my favorites, he did a lot of mind-bending stuff with classical music in the middle of the last century. I know Arvo is certainly uncommon, but the sounds work well in English and in an English naming context.

    Ismo is the Finnish form of Ishmael. Again, I think the sounds work in an anglophone world, and your husband can get his nickname of Izzy.

    Eero = cool architectural connection; this is gaining some credence as a cool hipster name (though certainly very uncommon) even among people without any Finnish connection.

    Jyri = my favorite Finnish name, and the local form of 'George.' This name just looks cool on the page. It works in English, though unfortunately I don't have any musical or artistic associations.

    Timo = Timothy. Easy to say and spell, looks masculine in the US. Would have a distinct sound from brother Uli. There are multiple heavy metal musicians named Timo (not sure if they're the best namesakes, but still...)

    I think you could move Hawthorne to the middle spot. Arvo Hawthorne is a pretty cool name, imo.

    If you want a jazzy middle to echo brother Miles:


    Possible combos:

    Eero Parker
    Ismo Gillespie
    Jyri Coltrane
    Timo Calloway

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    I love how creative and considered your names are! You have a great style and I am sure you'll land on something amazing. Otso doesnt live up to your other children's names in my view. Hawthorne I love and Huck would be an adorable nn. I actually like Otis Hawthorne/ Hawthorne Otis. Good luck!
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    Not a fan of those choices, sorry. How about Indy, Muir, Bly, Rye, Arc, Kirk, Fife, Isler, Oz, Crane, Lazer, or Errol?

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