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    I dunno why but I can't get my head around Otso. I do agree that it fits well with Uli and Wren but Im not a fan. What about Otto instead? I think it sounds more like a childs name and still goes great with Uli Miles and Wren Lyra.

    My favourite out of the 3 would be Hawthorne. It just has such a cool vibe and I love it loads. Otto Hawthorne would make a great combo? or Otso Hawthorne if you really don't wanna lose Otso.

    Good luck with everything! Bree
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    Well I'll go against the grain and say I really like Otso and think it goes well with Uli. I'm Finnish heritage so maybe it's more familiar to me from that, but I feel like NB has embraced Eero so thoroughly and it's as out there as Otso to me. I still like the sound.

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    I'm having a hard time getting the fatso out of Otso......If you're in the US and he's anything but reedy, you'll need to be prepared for this possible nn. I like Isidore in theory, but agree that Izzy isn't that usable for a boy at this point in time, too many girls with that name. I like Hawthorn a lot, but not so much with Uli and Wren. I do like Eero, or Arno, or Otto.

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    Another vote for Hawthorne.

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    Thanks for all the insightful input and please keep it coming...the baby is not here yet so there is still time to ponder. I find myself with less anticipation and fretfulness about birth of baby #3, so having (or not having) a name to worry about gives me something to do

    I think we may have put Isadore aside, at least as a first name...tossing around Otto, Otso, Otis and Hawthorne.

    Otto was my first choice for a long time and I finally gave it up out of fear of upswing in popularity. I really have come to like Otso equally as well but worry that people will constantly confuse it with Otto. Not to mention maybe I am just trying too hard to replace Otto? Otis has also been a consideration has a bonus of a vague musical connection (Otis Redding) as do the middle names of both of the other kids. But for some reason I always think Milo and Otis, not necessarily a negative association but makes it harder for me to take seriously.

    It may very well be that this little guy doesn't get a name until he is in our arms! I will keep checking for more input until he arrives and will let everyone know what we decide...whenever that may be...

    Oh and as an interesting and coincidental aside, Oct 11 is the Finnish naming day for Otso. So if little man waits a few more days, we may have no choice in the matter but to give in to serendipity

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