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    I had to do some research on Otso as I'd never heard it before, and also wanted to get some perspective on your decision.

    I like Otto a lot better than Otso. As an alternative since you don't seem sold on Otto, how about Otis? Seems to meet a lot of your requirements, take Otto one step forward, and avoid Otto or Otso downsides of nn Odd-o or Odd-so.

    My second choice is Hawthorne. I see in the other threads that someone suggested Hawk as a nickname which is very clever and that you worried about having a two-bird family -- similarly clever. So how about Huck? Or Tuck (though we're getting far afield). I do like Thorne but it is a bit soap-opera-y.

    I think there are too many girl Izzys out there to make Isadore or Isidore an option that lives up to the other two.

    But overall love your original thinking and can't wait to hear what you decide!!
    Pam Satran

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    I do like Hawthorne but I think Otso fits in the most with your other children. I also like the 2-1 rhythm if there is a short mn you love. Something like Otso Jude. Good luck! =]

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    I agree with Pam! Otso seems a bit out there. Otto or Otis seems more usable. I like Hawthorne! Reminds me a hawthorne bush, so it has a nature-y feel. Isidore is too similar to all the Isabella's out there, especially the ones who go by, Izzy!
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    I know a male Isadore ^_^ Glad to see that one considered.

    I love Hawthorne and Isadore the most and think Hawthorne goes really well with your others. -- My Amazon Author Page

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    Hawthorne is my favorite of your choices. A cool nn could be Hawth sounds like "hoth" or Thor, really cool. Otso is just too out there. I agree with Pam's suggestions of Otto or Otis.
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