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    Question Unique Names

    My neighbor had her twins yesterday and she named them Tambry & Hatcher....

    Tambry (TAM-bree) is a girl and Hatcher is a boy.


    They're definitely nms, but I sort of like Tambry because its not too crazy and its unique! But Hatcher I'm not really liking so much... I think I like the idea of it more than I actually like the name. To me it just sounds like what you'd call something that hatches eggs... a hatcher... Lol.

    Your opinions?
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    Tambry sounds like a knock-off Toyota, sorry. It doesn't look feminine, I can't figure out where that T came from (amber+emery = ambry, but Tambry?). And I quite agree with you on Hatcher. I think she was trying to jump onto the occupational surname trend while still being unique, but didn't quite hit the mark. I do think Hatcher nn Hatch is kind of fun, though.
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    I like Tambry a Little more than most people on here probably will. I don't love it and it's Def. nms, but one of my friends recently had a Kambri. And, I'm so used to her name now, it's definitely paved the way for me to be more open to the sound of similar names. But, I'm on the flip side of Hatcher. I really like that one. Though my experience with it is the ln of one of my former, favorite HS teachers. I have a Really good connection to the name already. And ln to fn slot is so popular, I'm really digging Hatcher for a boy's fn.
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