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    Do you have any naming regrets? I'm filled with them! One would be that I didn't choose a spunky enough middle name. It's a name that you don't use often and a great place to put something fun! I went with a family name that happens to be extremely popular, Amelia.

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    Amelia does have the Amelia Earhart connection, which is VERY spunky for a girl. And if it's a name with a strong family tie, your daughter might really appreciate having that connection in her name later on.
    I have no children yet, but I have pet naming regret. I convinced myself that my cat "wanted" me to name her Chloe. It does suit her, but it's common, and I always feel a bit dumb telling people her name. My cockatiel was Andre. Just sort of random, but again, I was going off what I felt the bird would want to be called!

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    In my family Amelia would be considered Very spunky. But, "spunky" and "fun" don't go together in their minds too They think of "spunky" names more along the lines of "why burden your child with something so horrible"! No surprise that they've not had good reactions to any of our children's names, that I personally consider very tame (and think the majority of people would).

    But, I totally understand your point.

    However, for a not-uncommon name, Amelia is still fun compared to most mn's. The filler names abound and no one could argue that it's much more fun than those. (Though, I have always Loved Amelia, so I'm biased.)

    Overall, I don't really have any name regrets. The biggest regret is that our families had such bad reactions to them, but that's not something I have any control over. Every once in a while, I do wonder why I wasn't insistent that our first son have a connection to my late father. It's not like my husband said "no". But, he didn't particularly like the name I wanted to use (though, he would have used it if I had said that it was important to me). I would have been insistent if we had went with Liam instead of Conor, since Liam would have had a roundabout connection to his father. But, since we didn't go that route, it was less important to me. And, I really like all of our name combos. So, just that bit of regret when I'm feeling particularly nostalgic.
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