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Thread: Georgia?

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    What do you think of the name Georgia? What would you choose for a middle name?

    These are the combos I have come up with so far...

    Georgia Willow (favorite)
    Georgia Rae
    Georgia Marie
    Georgia May

    Also, what would be good boy and girl sibling names for Georgia for future reference. Thanks

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    I love the name Georgia! I have thought of combos like Georgia Helen and Georgia Therese. I like Georgia Willow the best of those you posted too although it sounds a little literal for my taste, like a willow tree growing in Georgia.

    For sisters...
    Georgia and Theresa
    Georgia and Helena
    Georgia and Natalia
    Georgia and Dorothea
    Georgia and Christiana
    Georgia and Antonia
    Georgia and Louisa
    Georgia and Alice
    Georgia and Michaela

    For brothers...
    Georgia and Michael
    Georgia and Nathaniel
    Georgia and Theodore
    Georgia and Christian
    Georgia and Anthony
    Georgia and Louis
    Georgia and Alexander
    Georgia and Thomas

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    I like Georgia. I would use something that meant something to me as the middle name. A family name, favorite sports player or a GP name would be a wonderful choice. I think a few names that would be good siblings are....

    For Girls :


    For Boys:


    Good Luck!
    Theodore Arthur

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    Cair Paravel :)
    For a very long time now, I haven't been much of a Georgia fan (which is odd, because I adore Georgiana!), but today I saw Georgia in a thread and I instantly thought, "Well, I could warm up to that!" I don't know why I suddenly like it so much more. Maybe it was just seeing it in a combo (Violet Georgia), and finding that so stunning. I've always loved the nns Gigi and Georgie, though! As far as a sibling for Georgia, I would say Henry or Violet, and as for a combo for Georgia, I like the idea of Georgia Wren (although perhaps that's too descriptive? Maybe Georgia Coralie or Georgia Zoe? I like the idea of Georgia Iris, but that has the same problem as Georgia Wren...
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    I LOVE LOVE LOVE Georgia!!!
    My DD would have been Georgia Christiana Elizabeth if I had my way but my DH vetoed Georgia .
    I like Georgia Scarlett
    Georgia Blythe
    Georgia Elizabeth
    Georgia Arabella
    Georgia Arielle

    From your list I like Georgia Mae the best, really cute.
    Evan Robert Stephen and Elizabeth Victoria Christianna

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