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Thread: Violet

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    I agree with @blade for a teenager I think Violet is quite perfect - very few girls were given the name back then but because it's a historically acknowledged name nobody would think twice about it.
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    I love it, obviously. She was named aftery husband, his favorite color is purple and Violet was my favorite version of the color purple for a name. It is probably the most common of my kids names (Sebastian is higher on the ssa chart, but IRL I have met more violets), but it fits her and I love the meaning. We actually call her Vio as a nn.

    Anyways, I love it. And it ages well, classes up and dresses down and earthy.
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    I love Violet. It isn't too common yet (and certainly not in your age group) and, to me, it has a film noir heroine feel to it - vintage, but sassy.
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    If this baby is a girl we're naming her Violet. I've never met one in real life and I doubt we'll get any eye-rolls when we announce her name. It's a sweet spunky name and I love it.
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