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    Lol. I like noun/word names, actually - I guess that's why I like it? Symphony is actually kinda pretty, IMO. I'd love other "noun" type names that could pass as elegant/classic, too. But not overly common. Trying to find ther names of the sort to add to my list.

    I'm pretty set on Aria in and of itself, but I'd like some similar type names (but not alternatives for Aria) if that makes sense.

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    The other reason for Aria's popularity is the character from "Pretty Little Liars" and I would have to say I agree that on it's own it is becoming a bit too popular but as a nickname for Ariadne I am Loving it! You could go with other musical names like Melody, Harmony, Cadence, or Lyrica. Other suggestions that come to my mind are Marin/Maren, Juliet/Juliette, Ruby, Tiana, or Clare/Claira/Clara. =]

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    The author of pretty little liars totally stole my naming style, NGL. I love Aria, Ezra (classical vibes, and uniqueness). I also love the boy-name-for-girls thing with Spencer (girl). Kinda hilarious that I loved all those before I watched the show. Hubby hates Ezra, sadly. He does like Aria. Trying to convince him on the Ariadne nn Aria thing. :-) The good thing is that the Aria naming trend hasn't hit in my area. I doubt it will.

    I like Ruby in theory but with my pronunciation of R's I stay away from pretty much anything beginning in that. We have Claire set aside as a middle name :-)

    ETA - I liked Cadence before it became the "it" name for teen moms in my area.

    ETA 2 - My strange taste in names would also allow for me to use Arizona nn Aria but hubby wouldn't allow that over his dead body. Haha
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