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    If you love a name, I don't think you should let that bother you. Charlotte is classic and beautiful! Ruby Charlotte would be gorgeous though.
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    I love Georgia and Violet! I think they'd both be lovely with Noelle in the middle. Charlotte is a beautiful name but I agree it is very popular at the moment.
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    If you are going to choose based on popularity, I would say go with Georgia. Charlotte is the most popular of all the choices, but if you are afraid of her being one of many others with the same name, I would stay away from Violet and Ruby. Ruby is becoming a very popular name and it is not as classic as Charlotte (imo). I think Ruby will get more popular and maybe hit the top 50 soon. Violet is also becoming more popular, and it will probably be in the top 100 next year.

    All of the names are pretty so you can't go wrong with any of them. Charlotte is a great name, and it isn't the worst thing if she meets another with her name. All of the names are lovely. Goodluck!
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    All of your choices are lovely. I feel your pain, as Charlotte is on our short list as well. We have about 5 we are seriously considering, and Charlotte is the only one in the top 100. Popularity is something that typically bothers me when naming my own child. However, Charlotte is so beautiful, and so darling on a girl yet mature and grown-up enough for a woman that I love it in spite of its popularity. If you love it, go for it.

    I know intellectually that Charlotte is popular, but I know an awful lot of kids, and I've only met one Charlotte.

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    I love Charlotte. Absolutely love it. And if Charlotte was the name for me, in the end, I would use it, even if it was a top 10 name. I think of it as a classic name currently experiencing a surge of popularity, rather than a trendy name (like Nevaeh, that came out of nowhere and has no history). I think Charlie, Char, Lottie, and Lola give Charlotte enough variety that she would never be Charlotte [last initial] if there was another Charlotte in her class (although when you do the math, it averages out that there should only really ever be 1 Sophia or Isabella or Jacob or Ethan or Michael or Mason in each class, so I wouldn't be too worried about Charlotte), and honestly, it's not the worst thing in the world. It was my senior year of high school until there was another Ashley in one of my classes, and that's when there was a good percentage more of children who had a top 10 name. It only really bugged me in one semester in college when there were three of us in one class (and at least two of us in a handful of other classes!), but that's not very likely to happen again, that there are so many of one name in each class.

    I do like Violet (and Violet Georgia is gorgeous!), and that would actually be my first choice on your list (just prefer it to Charlotte, personally, but if I had enough girls, I would be tempted to use both Violet and Charlotte!), but if you really love Charlotte I would go for it.

    I also wanted to suggest Odette--it's a rather obscure French name with lovely ballet associations, and it has a lot of the same feel of Charlotte to me, without the traditional feel and the popularity. I don't know if you would like it or not, but I figured I'd offer it up. I love it, but really only as a MN.

    Good luck!
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